Sunday, June 5, 2011

weekend in temple

we spent the weekend in temple so grammy could get her tanner fix before they leave for africa for 2 weeks. yes, i'm just a little jealous that the whole family is going except for me and lance and tman (taylor, brian, grant and mom and dad)...but then i think about 2 LONG flights with tanner and the fact that he isn't such a great sleeper when we're away from home and then i remember why it wasn't the year for us to go. we had a great time just playing and relaxing.

we visited a park...and it was already unbearably hot at 9:30 in the morning! tanner's favorite thing to do at parks is to ROAM! and he was a little sleepy (see thumb in mouth with grammy on the swing) since he decided he wanted to hang out from 3:30-4:15 AM (like i said, he doesn't sleep nearly as well when we're away from home a lot of times).
 we spent LOTS of time in the pool. tanner loved all the new toys (grammy got him rings, and there were balls and even a squid that swims!). his favorite "toy" in the pool was the arm on the pool cleaner that is usually sweeping the bottom of the pool. tanner figured out he could pull it out of the water and it was like a squirt gun that just kept on shooting-no trigger necessary. he had lots of laughs shooting water at everyone.
snuggling and getting dry with his ipop once he got home from work on friday. such a great pic-it was even featured on dallas moms blog on saturday as part of the saturday snapshot (such a fun new blog-you should check it out!)
 we were outside pretty much all of saturday (tanner was in heaven since he loves to be outside!)...spent a little time on the swing just chillin.
SO happy to be outside!
and we got to meet a new friend, jeb, who recently came home from rwanda. it was great to get to talk with laura and pick her brain on adoption stuff. he is such a cutie (and almost weighs as much as tanner-and he's only 10 months old!)! tanner wanted to hold his hand and loved trying to tickle his feet. 
LOVE those blue eyes!
 and of course a trip to grammy's isn't complete without a new toy (or 2 or 10!) to play with. he knew just what to do when he saw this tunnel! and hiding in his tent was lots of fun.
 and of course lots of snuggles and kisses from grammy...

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