Monday, March 7, 2011

14 months

time is flying! tanner is growing up SO fast! this month tanner has taken off walking. no more crawling in our house! he walks everywhere...and when he falls down, he just picks himself back up and keeps on going. he enjoys walking laps around the room, kitchen, dining room, playroom, living room, kitchen, dining room, playroom...over and over again! it is so crazy to me the the little guy is a toddler now...crawling went by so fast!
words...he can tell you what a puppy dog says (but only if he wants to-he doesn't always "perform" on command!). he also has gotten to where he points to the back door and says dada when he hears lance coming home.

he LOVES being outside. he wakes up and as soon as we walk into the living room, he starts pointing to the back door. wagon rides are a favorite and he's loving the park! he's figured out how to keep his balance and thinks the slides are lots of fun.
looking out the front door..."come on mom, let's go!"
favorite toys-lance's headlamp flashlight. he's also started pulling toys behind him-he's got a helicopter and a puppy dog that have strings and he loves walking around the house pulling them. i was in the kitchen and all the sudden heard the squeak, squeak, squeak...peeked around the corner and he had taken off, puppy dog in tow. now the puppy goes with him everywhere...even for rides in the cozy coup! he's not too happy when the dog tips over or the string gets tied up!
and he has loved playing with all things plastic in the kitchen. hours of entertainment from plastic bowls, cups, empty milk jugs and water bottles, pitchers, measuring cups and random plastic containers (i've even started washing them as i make dinner and tossing them down on the floor for much fun having a new container to play with!). and because it's too funny not to remember, he gets a good 10-15 minutes of entertainment from a box of much fun pulling them out of the box, putting them back in.
 even empty oatmeal containers are lots and lots of fun (airing out a diaper rash after a fun oatmeal bath!)
tman also smiles for the camera...cell phone camera or the real thing-he's ALL smiles. catching it is a little hard as he's always on the move but his "smile" is awesome!

and lately tanner has been practicing for an easter egg hunt-he's going to be ready for the easter bunny! he loves his basket-lance picked out his tractor basket.
showing gizmo his easter basket. he's been known to put the dogs' tennis balls in his basket too...what a fun game!
he definitely knows the sign for more. give the kiddo some ice cream and he'll sign more faster than you can shovel it into his mouth. he loves, loves, loves ice cream! we're working on the sign for please. other food he loves-hot dog. he devours hot dog any time i put it in front of him. and yogurt-he eats it every morning for breakfast...sometimes 2 whole cartons. he'd eat it every meal if i let him. it ranks up there with ice cream-more, more, more! he loves goldfish and we've also gotten him to eat poptarts! he's tried a few bites of chickfila-still working on that. he is definitely still my fruit and veggie-lovin boy! and he's drinking plain milk-no more yogurt smoothie-and has been for most of the month! yea!

loved his kisses this month when he grabs my whole face (sometimes my whole head) and pulls it towards him. so sweet!

he's definitely become mr chatty. he talks all the time! and loves playing with phones...
bedtime is still 6:30ish but he did start sleeping in a little this month, waking up around 7. two weeks ago he slept until 7:45! i was shocked-and he really only woke up because i went in to check on him-my boy NEVER sleeps that late! naps were great this month, but in the last week or so, after a good morning nap, he decided he usually isn't interested in an afternoon nap. maybe a phase or maybe he's really ready to go to 1 nap a day? painful figuring this out...for both of us! it makes for one tired, cranky little guy when he is awake from 11 am until bedtime. i don't think he's quite ready, but adjusting down to one nap a day (that doesn't start at 9 am!) is a challenge!

clothes are still the same, but i have pulled out a few of the 18 month clothes and they aren't too, too big. i did realize the other day that apparently kids clothes have the low cut jeans too...these are his "stylish" jeans that grammy bought him-yup, plumbers crack! hilarious!
teeth-still 4 on top and 3 on bottom but i know that 4th bottom one is close-any day now!

we love you so much little guy!!! you are such a joy and i am so thankful to be your mommy!