Friday, September 30, 2011

not too bad

well we made it 21 months (ok, 3 days shy of 21 months) without any sickness but tman has his first ear infection. last weekend he caught a little cold and then passed it on to me. so we've had a pretty low key week. by thursday tman was acting back to normal and i was starting feeling a little better (just in time for lance to catch the cold).

so i headed out for a girls night to see motherhood the musical (i won 2 tickets-so fun!!!). it was such a great musical-both the funny and the special things about being a mom. after it was over i discovered lance had texted "not sleeping, up with me on the couch." i figured tman was just having a hard time falling asleep, needed a little snuggle time and would be conked out when i got home.
they were rocking in his room when i got home, and i thought he just was waiting up to see me and would fall asleep after a few minutes of snuggling with mommy.
we were up until 12:30 am. he didn't sleep a wink until after midnight and normally he's asleep by 7-7:30. he just couldn't get comfortable. we'd rock, then try his crib. he'd lay down, rest and then cry and want up. we tried the couch and then back to his crib. we tried his rocking chair again. normally he's fine just snuggling in his chair, but that just wasn't cutting it.
finally around 12:30 he passed out from exhaustion. he finally was able to settle down when i put him in his crib, but of course he was up again around 7. with a little bit of a fever. and clearly exhausted and not feeling too hot.
i made him an appt thinking it was probably just from the cold he was still getting over, but knowing there was no way i wanted to repeat last night 3 more nights before we could get him checked out.
there's a reason he was up all hours of the night. BOTH ears looked pretty bad. poor little guy has a double ear infection. so we left with a prescription and the advice to give him advil at night since that's when the pain is the worst. of course last night was the first night this whole week we didn't give him advil or tylenol before bed...because i thought he was all better.

good thing i trusted my mommy instinct and took him to the doctor today (yes, i don't usually take him-growing up with a dad as a doctor skews your opinion on dr appts). here's hoping the meds kick this thing fast and that my little guy gets to feeling better soon!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

labor day weekend

we had a fun filled labor day weekend. grammy and ipop came up and on monday dad, grant and lance did a triathlon together. on saturday, it was all about tanner fun! we headed to grapevine mills mall because we had heard there was a choo choo there. it did not disappoint. tanner was SO excited! he even got to go on two rides!
after the choo choo ride, we checked out the rainforest cafe and then found the carousel. of course grammy wanted to take him on the carousel. he was so excited about it and all smiles...even when she put him on the horse.
 and then she tried to put the safety belt in place (still not sure how that safety belt was going to actually do anything) and he decided he wasn't a fan. so no carousel ride yet-they got off right before it started.
 sunday morning tanner and lance built a tower with all of the blocks and then we headed to see meme.
 getting creative for ways to entertain tman...wheelchair rides are apparently fun!
 monday morning (after a very rough night) we woke up to extremely nice temperatures and headed out to cheer on the guys. taylor and tanner were practicing their dance moves while waiting on the guys to swim.
 go ipop and uncle grant!
 lance finishing up the bike portion
 high fives for ipop as he starts the run
 here they come towards the finish line!
way to go! we are so proud of you!!!
 and thankfully they still had energy left to play with the little man!

20 months!

time is flying and tman is getting bigger and bigger. let's see...this past month tanner...
-tried fried okra and LOVED it! YEA for a new food to add to the list!
-slept in til 8:45 one morning. no he has not repeated that, but i was impressed he did it at least once!
-shown his love for tay tay. he has the word tay tay down! and he refused to play with me at pump it up junior this month-only tay tay. after taylor started back to school we went up to visit during lunch. he got SO excited when he saw her! instantly wanted down and ran straight to her and gave her a big hug!
-yes, he pretty much runs everywhere he goes. walking is for babies apparently.
-he loves playing chase!
-he loves bear, bear but went through a few days of insisting to nap with his green monkey too. he loves giving his stuffed animals hugs. and he feeds them too (including sound effects-hilarious!). and tells them night, night, puts them to sleep and makes sure they have a binky. if me and lance look like we're resting/napping, he'll bring us a binky too.
-he's figured out lounging on the couch and i think it's hilarious to come around the corner and find him like this...just chillaxing and watching some cartoons.
-we discovered the slide at one of the pools-such a brave boy-he loved it. we did it over and over and over and over! he also loves the little pool and slide in the backyard...anything with a water hose!
-he mastered climbing into chairs in the kitchen all by himself this month. tiring for this momma! we're still working on SITTING in the chairs and not standing. no where is safe in this house anymore...he can reach anything!
-uncle grant taught him to tackle. lance taught him to chest bump. yup, all boy.
-he loves climbing onto his red ottoman and "jumping" to us. he thinks it's the most fun ever!
-we got a haircut this month and he definitely didn't like it. sat in my lap for it and we tried all kinds of distractions. what worked the best-oh a squirt bottle full of water. yes, everything was pretty wet when we left. and he climbed on TOP of the train table while i was paying-monkey!
-he's had lots of fun cheering on his daddy at triathlons!
-he's taking after his daddy...trying on swim goggles, drinking from water bottles and listening to music while he works out.   
-he's decided he likes holding my hand and walking next to me (before this month he'd never want to hold my hand). and he loves going up and down stairs by himself just holding onto my hand. such a big boy!
-still loves ducks. can say turtle. and cockadoodledoo (it's hilarious...he just moves his tongue around and is speaking gibberish but to him and us it's cockadoodledoo. and it also works for alligator.
-loves the farm book with flaps. the last page is telling the animals goodnight and he always asks for the "shhh" page.
-wants to use the spoon all by himself-sometimes more successful than others. and he LOVES redi whip...he usually has to have some when i put it on my coffee in the morning.
 -still loves his car...can drive it around himself now (or push it-watch out, he's fast!) and will "drive by" and wave. he also loves to put his cups in the cup he's driven himself through the drive through. always makes me laugh!
 -he loves his puppies...always wants to play chase with them or hug them or play ball. he's also been known to try and ride them or give them a bath with mommy's body wash!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First day of school

Tman started "school" today. we got up, ate breakfast and got his backpack and lunchbox packed. he LOVES his lunchbox-will carry it around anytime you ask...even if it's heavy. and he'll gladly show you the choo choos on it. we grabbed a few pictures outside before we headed to school.
he looked so big with his own backpack and lunchbox. it was hilarious watching him try to balance with his backpack...he got a little wobbly a few times.
headed to his classroom and showing off his choo choo lunch box...
tanner's in a class with 7 other little kiddos...and of course 2 of those are his bffs weston and noah. we
his bud weston (with his mommy, steph) and noah (with his mommy, leslie)...
both did good at drop off. he didn't cry (or at least I didn't see/hear it) and neither did i! i headed to the gym, grabbed lunch, ran errands (things that had been on my list for 2 weeks) and even had time for a pedicure! yes, i'm a little spoiled but man, it was nice!

tanner had a fun day too. they made watercolor butterflies, played outside, read books and had lots of fun. of course he ate his fruits and veggies for lunch and left almost all his chicken. surprise, surprise! when i picked him up at 2 he was busy building with duplos. he was happy to see me but definitely looked like he had been having fun. he was tired!

we headed home and i managed to keep him awake-major score on that! he snacked on goldfish on the drive home and then went down for a nap. i uploaded my pics (have to keep the grandmas happy) and managed to prep dinner (a new recipe that i'm hoping isn't very good because i never want to cook it again after burning my fingers while lightly frying the chicken) and then we had some snuggle time on the couch!

what a great day! i think we're both going to like wednesdays!