Monday, July 26, 2010

weekend in temple and tanner's hot date

we went to temple this weekend...tanner needed some more time with his grammy and ipop (or maybe i was the one needing him to have more time with them which equals a little more down time for me!).
saturday morning tanner had a hot date! kim and jeff brought grace over for a lunch/swim date. grace is 4 days older than tanner so kim and i joke that sometimes we're living the exact same many of her stories sound VERY familiar! we've been trying to introduce tanner and grace for the last couple of months and finally found a weekend where we were all in temple. it was so fun getting to meet grace and kim in person (lance and i knew jeff in college but i feel like i've known kim...but really we've just been friends through my parents and our it was nice to get to meet in person!).
tanner and grace looking very excited to swim!
it was hilarious watching them "meet" each other...they both went straight for each other's face!
after tanner's afternoon nap, we decided to try out a park that grammy had found. we weren't sure what he'd think about swinging but he loved it!
sunday was a tough teething day for the little man...he was super snuggly and just chilled with grammy. he's usually always moving around so this was definitely not the norm.

notice the drool...we're going through mulitple outfits these days!
we left at tanner's bed time to head home...hoping he'd sleep the whole way. we loaded up lance's bike and a leather ottoman we were taking home in the back of the truck. of course we didn't think to check the weather...july and texas=hot...nothing but hot. so we're almost to waco and look up in the distance and lance, that looks like rain. i pull up the weather on my iphone and oh yes-there's big thunderstorms straight ahead. hmmm...not good with a piece of leather furniture in the back. my super husband goes into fix-it mode and was quite the trooper! we pulled over on the side of the road and he flipped it over, pulled out bungee cords and did his best to make sure it was as protected as possible with what we had (good thing he never goes anywhere without extra bungee cords in the truck!). we made it home and the ottoman was a-ok!!!


just a little funny for monday morning...this past friday i was changing tanner in the floor and did not immediately replace the wet diaper with a new one. we were just playing and i was convinced he wouldn't pee without a diaper on...right?!?! WRONG! all the sudden i look up and he is peeing up OVER his head, OVER the rug and into the hallway! he definitely had some distance (i actually thought about measuring how far he peed...haven't done that but it was several feet at least!)!! i was laughing so hard...i had to take a picture. i mean, won't tanner want to know how impressively he could pee at just 6 months?! maybe with these kind of skills, he won't be plagued with kidney stones! wouldn't that be a miracle?! who knew babies could pee SO FAR and make puddles in the hallway?!

other happenings of last week...
aunt taylor came over to babysit tanner so me and lance could escape and have a little time away from the little man. it was so nice...we went out to dinner and to concert on the lake in rockwall with some friends! it was a nice little break...but i definitely miss the little guy when he's not with us (but time away is SO good and SO healthy!). it's nice to have a break from the "voices" in my head...oh yes, some days i'm crazy and i hear him crying when in fact...oh he's not crying-it's just in my head! ugh! 
of course he decided to actually really eat some food right before i left (our first break through in the eating department...i think he might actually be starting to understand the concept of opening his mouth for the spoon!), so he refused to drink his bottle for taylor but went right to sleep...this kid is not motivated by food at all! while that's probably a good thing, it makes me nervous...if food doesn't motivate him how are we ever going to get him potty trained in a few years?! i thought all kids do tricks and pee in the potty for m&ms and goldfish?

speaking of being motivated by food...i think i've found a way to keep aunt taylor and uncle brian always up for babysitting at our house...all i need to do is keep stocking the blue bell for them! taylor won't keep it in their freezer...don't worry brian, i'll make sure to have blue bell in the freezer every time we ask ya'll to babysit! :-)

and one last picture...dakota is learning to love praise baby (just like tanner and me!)...thursday night he decided to snuggle up with tanner and watch praise baby together! tanner loves it until dakota sits up in front of him and blocks his view...then he's not too happy! he loves his praise baby dvds...i mean look at his face-pure joy! and pure joy for me too...30 minutes of a very happy and very quiet baby for a few things to get done!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rollin, rollin, rollin

tanner has officially started rolling from his back to his stomach...a LOT! he had done it before but it was always few and far between, and usually while we were playing. he has now started rolling in his crib...and he definitely doesn't love being on his tummy. he'll do tummy time and is pretty good at it, but he definitely prefers his back. and he does know how to roll from his tummy to his back, but apparently he hasn't figured out that he can do that in his crib. so, what does rolling over in our crib mean...LOTS of crying at nap time and several nap times that don't actually turn into naps! it was a LONG afternoon for both of us...he wants to go to sleep, but he flips over to his stomach and then just gets frustrated...crys/screams...and then is so worked up there's definitely no sleeping. he's tired, i'm tired...we've got to figure out how to solve this rolling problem! this is what i usually find when there's crying at nap time...(if there's no crying, he's doing great putting himself to sleep on his back...if only he hadn't figured out how to roll over in his crib!)
so...what's a mom to do when naps get cut short...well i just pull out my camera and decide we'll take pictures all day! i think i took something like 100 pictures...don't worry-i won't make you look at them all! 
love this one-he looks like such a little boy!
and i was determined to get a picture of his new tooth (not an easy thing to do!)

and then we watched a little of the tour de france and made funny faces at the same time
and we played blocks and practiced sitting up (he's getting really good at it!)
and watched with fascination as the dogs barked at a squirrel
and even though he hadn't taken a nap ALL afternoon, he still found some smiles and laughs for uncle grant. he had tanner laughing until he got the hiccups!
and then it was bedtime...oh yes, he went to sleep at 6 pm tonight! and he was OUT! if only i could go to bed at 6 pm too! :-)

Monday, July 19, 2010

over the river and through the woods...

to the grandparent's houses we go! this weekend we visited both of lance's grandparents. saturday morning we got up and headed to dekalb to eat lunch with grandma and grandpa. we got there just in time for tanner's morning "snack," hung out with grandma and grandpa a while, ate some lunch. 
tanner playing with grandpa (not the best photo-courtesty of lance's iphone-but it's the best we got!)
after lunch we got back on the road to head to grandaddy's in magnolia, arkansas. this was grandaddy's first time to meet tanner! tanner took a good nap on the way there and was ready to play when we got there! we had a yummy dinner for grandaddy's birthday and then tanner went to bed-he slept GREAT in grandaddy's closet! :-) he woke up and then got to go play in bed with gigi and pops (and yes, i got a great picture, but won't post it...pops might kill me!)
tanner was listening to everything grandaddy said!
my favorite picture of the weekend...4 generation of Bailey boys!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

grammy and ipop's

this weekend tanner and i took a last minute trip to temple. lance had his guys poker group trip to the lake house and so tanner and i decided we'd go let grammy and ipop spoil us both!

we headed down saturday morning as soon as tanner got up and ate...and he must have known we were going to see grammy and ipop because he decided he wanted to wake up at 6:15 that morning! so when my mom called at 9 to see if we had left yet, we were just outside of temple!

tanner had lots of fun...he went swimming every day and loved it. he liked splashing in the water and was fascinated by the waterfall...and love chilaxin in his float!

saturday night after tanner went to bed we enjoyed some yummy and dad had just gotten a smoker and were trying it out-YUM! and of course tanner got some yummy food too...he tried bananas for the first time. i was gagging, but he liked them! grammy was feeding him sunday and tried to convince me he was going to have a "clean" eating session-yea right! she was shoveling it down and he was doing great...until he gagged a little and let's just say we saw the rice cereal and green peas for a second time-ALL over him! yuck! he was definitely not clean anymore! as you can see-we start out good but by the end, it's definitely bathtime!

the biggest discovery of the weekend was a TOOTH! one of his bottom front teeth has made it's way through the can see it (if you are fast enough to look when he opens his mouth for half a second) but you can definitely feel it! i think #2 is right behind it! everything is going into his mouth! he found a new toy this weekend-he loved playing with grammy's water bottle! and the kid has great aim...he spit up RIGHT in the bottle! hilarious!
thanks for a great weekend grammy and ipop! we had fun!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

6 months

tanner turned 6 months old this past can he already be halfway to his first birthday?!?! on one hand i can't remember life without him and it feels like he's always been a part of our life, but on the other hand, these 6 months have flown by! i was a few days late taking his 6 month pictures since we were at the lake on the actual day...we tried 2 separate "photo sessions" today...he was not in the mood to cooperate...he was much more interested in scooting around the chair, looking at his feet, looking at the wall and leaning forward and touching his toes. oh well...these pictures will be a reminder of our active little 6 month old boy! here's a few of them-i think i took about 80-and way more out-takes than good ones!
this really is one of the best ones i got-not so fabulous
move out of my way puppy dog!
i love this one...he reminds me of those ski jumpers in the olympics
really mom? i'm just ready to crawl away-no more pictures!
what is this thing next to me?!?!
what is he doing with his feet?!?!
once again...poppa got the biggest smile!
what tanner's up to at 6 months:
*27.5 inches tall (85%)
*16.301 lbs (30%)
*44.5 inches head circumference (75%)
*everything goes straight into his mouth
*we are 4 days into food...he still isn't so sure about it
*size 3 diapers and size 4 overnights at night
*wearing 6 month, 6-9 month and some 9 month clothes...he is just outgrowing them in length
*eats every 3 hours during the day-7, 10, 1, 4, 7 and 10 (give or take 30 minutes or an hour!)
*sleep-bedtime is between 6:30 and 7 and he wakes up between 6:30 and 7 most mornings (always super happy with a big smile for me!)-he has really started sleeping straight through-if he wakes up he usually just fusses in his crib for about 5 minutes before falling back asleep! but he goes several nights in a row without waking up so i know he can do it!
*naps...oh how i wish he loved them! lately he's been a cat napper snoozing just 30-45 minutes for his naps-an hour if i'm lucky. because they're so short, he's tired and ready for another nap after being up just 1.5-2 hours and he's still taking 3-4 naps a day. today he actually took a 2 HOUR nap!!! so i am hoping maybe he's decided an afternoon nap is a good idea and that we can look forward to long afternoon naps in our future!
*he loves being tossed in the air...huge smiles every time!
*he's pretty good at putting himself to sleep-we've got our routine down pat-turn on the sound machine and turn out the lights as we sing jesus loves me...9 times out of 10 there's no crying in his crib...or he just fusses until i'm out of the room-wahoo for this skill!!! makes nap time so much easier!
*he loves bath time and splashing in the tub
*he loves watching his puppy dogs and his praise baby dvds
*he's sleeping with a burp cloth...and i find him in his crib asleep with his right thumb in his mouth and holding onto a burp cloth...and laying on his right side a lot
*he can roll over although he doesn't really love to
*he's squirming all over the place-the child is never put him on his play mat and he spins in circles. he spins in circles in his crib too...and if you put him on his tummy he squirms with his arms, legs and whole body!
*he is fascinated by different textures-he loves rubbing on the couch, on the chair in his room, and his favorite is scratching the paint off the wall by his changing table-yes he has left scratches in the paint with his nails next to his changing pad 
*he can sit up by himself...but still topples over if you aren't sitting behind him or giving him something to hold on to

tanner, me and your daddy love you oh so much!!! happy half birthday!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

food and the fourth!

tanner had his first taste of food over the 4th of july weekend! he turned 6 months old on saturday and so we broke out the rice cereal...yum! tanner's wasn't so excited about eating food...he really didn't know what to think. it definitely made for some funny pictures...
he really was more interested in grabbing at the bowl (this was at the beginning...hence the clean bib, bumbo, and baby)...
my favorite picture of the mess...
all done!!!
we had a great time at the lake for the 4th! saturday was pretty rainy so we stayed inside most of the day. but sunday and monday were sunny so tanner spent some time with his daddy down at the dock watching his cousins swim.
and watching praise baby and dr seuss movies with his cousins...
and getting a lot of cousin lovin'...anna was excited that baby tanner was holding her hand (and then of course he tried to "eat her hand...EVERYTHING goes straight to his mouth these days)

mac geek in the making

the o'neal family is definitely made up of mac geeks (this started with poppa...he's converted everyone-even mom!). we love our macs and all our "i" much so that my dad's grandpa name is ipop! the other day uncle grant came over to hang out after work, (we LOVE having him in Dallas's great!!!) and he decided to take a picture of tanner to send to grammy and ipop. i walk into the living room and this is what i find...

hmmmm...i wonder if i sent this to apple if they'd be interested in paying me?!?! looks like great commercial material to me!