Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rollin, rollin, rollin

tanner has officially started rolling from his back to his stomach...a LOT! he had done it before but it was always few and far between, and usually while we were playing. he has now started rolling in his crib...and he definitely doesn't love being on his tummy. he'll do tummy time and is pretty good at it, but he definitely prefers his back. and he does know how to roll from his tummy to his back, but apparently he hasn't figured out that he can do that in his crib. so, what does rolling over in our crib mean...LOTS of crying at nap time and several nap times that don't actually turn into naps! it was a LONG afternoon for both of us...he wants to go to sleep, but he flips over to his stomach and then just gets frustrated...crys/screams...and then is so worked up there's definitely no sleeping. he's tired, i'm tired...we've got to figure out how to solve this rolling problem! this is what i usually find when there's crying at nap time...(if there's no crying, he's doing great putting himself to sleep on his back...if only he hadn't figured out how to roll over in his crib!)
so...what's a mom to do when naps get cut short...well i just pull out my camera and decide we'll take pictures all day! i think i took something like 100 pictures...don't worry-i won't make you look at them all! 
love this one-he looks like such a little boy!
and i was determined to get a picture of his new tooth (not an easy thing to do!)

and then we watched a little of the tour de france and made funny faces at the same time
and we played blocks and practiced sitting up (he's getting really good at it!)
and watched with fascination as the dogs barked at a squirrel
and even though he hadn't taken a nap ALL afternoon, he still found some smiles and laughs for uncle grant. he had tanner laughing until he got the hiccups!
and then it was bedtime...oh yes, he went to sleep at 6 pm tonight! and he was OUT! if only i could go to bed at 6 pm too! :-)


Kim said...

I swear we live the same life! We had the EXACT same day today... it was so bad that we went to see the doctor at 4:00 because Grace was SCREAMING around nap time which she never does! I was convinced she had an ear infection or something! Everything was fine but man, no naps make the day feel looooong! :)

Elyse said...

Why didn't I know you had a blog??? I love it! I'm book marking you so I can follow your sweet baby boy. He's getting so big!

allison said...

I LOVE the picture of him with the red background. You're right--he looks like such a little boy there! So cute.

The Armstrong Family said...

I love your blog! Cute pictures and hope he learns to roll in his crib soon. Unless you're a mother, you just don't realize how important things like that are. He is a doll!