Monday, July 26, 2010


just a little funny for monday morning...this past friday i was changing tanner in the floor and did not immediately replace the wet diaper with a new one. we were just playing and i was convinced he wouldn't pee without a diaper on...right?!?! WRONG! all the sudden i look up and he is peeing up OVER his head, OVER the rug and into the hallway! he definitely had some distance (i actually thought about measuring how far he peed...haven't done that but it was several feet at least!)!! i was laughing so hard...i had to take a picture. i mean, won't tanner want to know how impressively he could pee at just 6 months?! maybe with these kind of skills, he won't be plagued with kidney stones! wouldn't that be a miracle?! who knew babies could pee SO FAR and make puddles in the hallway?!

other happenings of last week...
aunt taylor came over to babysit tanner so me and lance could escape and have a little time away from the little man. it was so nice...we went out to dinner and to concert on the lake in rockwall with some friends! it was a nice little break...but i definitely miss the little guy when he's not with us (but time away is SO good and SO healthy!). it's nice to have a break from the "voices" in my head...oh yes, some days i'm crazy and i hear him crying when in fact...oh he's not crying-it's just in my head! ugh! 
of course he decided to actually really eat some food right before i left (our first break through in the eating department...i think he might actually be starting to understand the concept of opening his mouth for the spoon!), so he refused to drink his bottle for taylor but went right to sleep...this kid is not motivated by food at all! while that's probably a good thing, it makes me nervous...if food doesn't motivate him how are we ever going to get him potty trained in a few years?! i thought all kids do tricks and pee in the potty for m&ms and goldfish?

speaking of being motivated by food...i think i've found a way to keep aunt taylor and uncle brian always up for babysitting at our house...all i need to do is keep stocking the blue bell for them! taylor won't keep it in their freezer...don't worry brian, i'll make sure to have blue bell in the freezer every time we ask ya'll to babysit! :-)

and one last picture...dakota is learning to love praise baby (just like tanner and me!)...thursday night he decided to snuggle up with tanner and watch praise baby together! tanner loves it until dakota sits up in front of him and blocks his view...then he's not too happy! he loves his praise baby dvds...i mean look at his face-pure joy! and pure joy for me too...30 minutes of a very happy and very quiet baby for a few things to get done!!!

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The Armstrong Family said...

Your first picture made me laugh. Impressive, Tanner! Of course, our experience is a bit different with a girl. I rarely let her go without a diaper even for a few seconds because we always end up with a puddle. A couple weeks ago, Lee was mowing outside of her window and I let her stand up in the middle of a diaper change to wave to him. She went all over the wooden blinds! Ha.