Monday, July 26, 2010

weekend in temple and tanner's hot date

we went to temple this weekend...tanner needed some more time with his grammy and ipop (or maybe i was the one needing him to have more time with them which equals a little more down time for me!).
saturday morning tanner had a hot date! kim and jeff brought grace over for a lunch/swim date. grace is 4 days older than tanner so kim and i joke that sometimes we're living the exact same many of her stories sound VERY familiar! we've been trying to introduce tanner and grace for the last couple of months and finally found a weekend where we were all in temple. it was so fun getting to meet grace and kim in person (lance and i knew jeff in college but i feel like i've known kim...but really we've just been friends through my parents and our it was nice to get to meet in person!).
tanner and grace looking very excited to swim!
it was hilarious watching them "meet" each other...they both went straight for each other's face!
after tanner's afternoon nap, we decided to try out a park that grammy had found. we weren't sure what he'd think about swinging but he loved it!
sunday was a tough teething day for the little man...he was super snuggly and just chilled with grammy. he's usually always moving around so this was definitely not the norm.

notice the drool...we're going through mulitple outfits these days!
we left at tanner's bed time to head home...hoping he'd sleep the whole way. we loaded up lance's bike and a leather ottoman we were taking home in the back of the truck. of course we didn't think to check the weather...july and texas=hot...nothing but hot. so we're almost to waco and look up in the distance and lance, that looks like rain. i pull up the weather on my iphone and oh yes-there's big thunderstorms straight ahead. hmmm...not good with a piece of leather furniture in the back. my super husband goes into fix-it mode and was quite the trooper! we pulled over on the side of the road and he flipped it over, pulled out bungee cords and did his best to make sure it was as protected as possible with what we had (good thing he never goes anywhere without extra bungee cords in the truck!). we made it home and the ottoman was a-ok!!!


Mary Helen said...

Tanner and Grace look so cute together!!!

Kim said...

Grace loved her hot date with Tanner!! Thanks for letting us borrow the swim shirt so they could be matching! :) I loved meeting y'all "in person" and we'll have to do it again some time!