Thursday, August 5, 2010

7 months

tanner is already a month older-hard to believe! a few things from this past month...

  • not sure what he weighs but he is definitely too heavy for me to carry him in his carrier much just stays in the car as a car seat
  • he has finally figured out the solid food thing! yea! it took him almost an entire month but he caught onto the idea about a week ago. it's funny-before solids i couldn't wait for him to be able to eat...and now that we're eating solids, there's definitely been a few days where i wish we could go back to just milk! way less mess! apples are his favorite so far, but he also is eating peas, sweet potatoes, bananas, avocado, acorn squash and of course rice cereal
  • he has discovered how to cough...oh my goodness sometimes he coughs over and over and over. i, however, do not think it's so funny when he decides to cough through his dinner...coughing and solids don't go well together...bananas, peas and cereal e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e!
  • he's still in the same size 3 diapers and size 4 overnights and still on the eating every 3 hours schedule
  • we also had LOTS of progress on his naps this month-wahoo! what a relief! he's started taking a morning nap around 8:30-9 and usually sleeps around 1-1.5 hours. every once in a while i get a 2 hour nap from him! it's heaven! then he'll go back down for an afternoon nap around 12:45-1 and sleep until about 2 or 2:30ish. then he's up to play until dinner and bedtime! i am definitely loving it that his naps and routine is a little more set-makes planning the day so much easier!
  • we had a few challenging days this month with rolling...thankfully he was a fast learner and figured out that sleeping on his tummy wasn't so bad after all. so now when we go to get him in the morning or after naps, he's happy playing on his tummy (he's temporarily forgotten that he knows how to roll from his tummy to his back)
  • very early signs of crawling (i still think we have a month or two)...every once in a while i'll find him with his knees up under him and he's definitely a squirm...he can turn circles on the floor and can scoot a little, but no major moving around yet!
  • he got his first tooth! we're currently calling him snaggle tooth-there's only one and i haven't seen signs (other than massive drool but that's pretty normal) of #2 yet
  • we all still love praise baby-he's started getting a big smile and super excited anytime another baby is on the tv. we added 2 baby einstein dvds to the collection but praise baby is still his all time fav
  • still loving his burp cloth
  • he has mastered sitting up-every once in a while he'll tumble but he's definitely a sitter
  • he loves jabbering and making noise

mid-cough...he decided pictures made him cough...

"wait...i wasn't ready!!!"

this one is hilarious..."mom...i am DONE with these pictures!"
and of course he still loves playing with his daddy...lots of laughs (and in true boy fashion, this is usually diaper time)
he is still such a happy baby and we love him so much! can't wait to see what new adventures this next month brings!


allison said...

I can't believe a month has passed since we were in Dallas. I am ready to see Tanner (and you!) again!!!!

Olive & Pearl Handmade said...

we miss you tan-man! cannot belive you are 7 months OLD!!