Wednesday, August 25, 2010

happy wednesday!

this week is flying by-i can't believe it's already hump day! :-) that's a great thing...i've figured that even though i'm not "working" (although i think that statement is totally false-tanner is A LOT of work!) i still really look forward to the weekends...maybe even more so now than before. i love having lance at home to get to do our "everyday" stuff with us! it's great fun watching him play with tanner. he's a super daddy and tanner always has fun! this weekend lance decided to get adventurous and feed tanner his dinner (yes, he's often a little grossed out by tman's dinner time since food usually ends up all over the place). and feeding the little man isn't as easy as it sounds...sometimes he's definitely into his dinner and other times he's just not that motivated by food. but we started carrots this weekend and tanner is a fan (i'm thinking he might like them just like uncle grant...who ate them so much as a baby that his nose turned orange!). i was trying to figure out what else to feed tanner for dinner (not always easy-since he can only try out a new food every 4 days, i feel like we're feeding him the same things over and over) and lance said he of course needed peas with his carrots...cause peas and carrots just go together...and tanner agreed!
even in the hair!
um so maybe i need a bath now?!
today is also my meme's birthday so we tried to take a fun birthday pic to send to her...tanner was very excited about wishing her happy birthday and thought it was an edible birthday card!
and since it's not 100+ degrees outside today (this cool front and rain is WONDERFUL...the high today is only 88!) we decided to go for a walk and to visit the park...tanner loves swinging! after the park we just walked the neighborhood for almost an hour...i'm ready for fall!!!
"really mom...put the camera down and swing me!"
that's better!!!!
wild child!


Mary Helen said...

That really is one of the sweetest faces I have ever seen! It looks like he loves to swing as much as Jenna does. I am glad you got to enjoy the "cool" weather today. I ran some errands during my lunch break and loved not sweating to death! I want to see Tanner in person again sometime soon!

Kim said...

What a fun day!! He does love that swing! I need to get Grace in it again- she wasn't so sure at first!