Monday, July 25, 2011

playgroup at kindermusik

dallas moms blog hosted a kindermusik playgroup last week. we went and had a great time! tanner loves music!
playing with shakers!
the scarves were a hit...of course he somehow managed to grab 2 (they were supposed to each get one)...maybe he was just bringing it to me?!?!
love this smile...he was having FUN!
where's weston? it was great-he walked around with the scarf on his head the whole time! we love our friend!
lots of fun waving them all around
storytime-although he wasn't totally into it
and then came the beach balls!
playing with a new friend
and the best part-the teacher had a clean up song and it worked...tanner was actually pretty good at taking his goodies back to her. i was impressed!
we had a great time experiencing kindermusik with old friends and meeting some new ones too!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

lance's first triathlon

we are SO PROUD of lance! he just completed his first triathlon this morning! YEA! he's been working his butt of training the last couple of months. lance left before the sun came up, and me and tanner headed to mckinney to the cooper aerobics center as soon as he woke up and ate a quick breakfast. we were dressed, out the door and on the road by 7:05...amazing if you ask me!

we found uncle grant once we got there and he showed us where to go to find lance. of course this is when i realized that i had forgotten one VERY important thing at home that morning-my camera battery. i checked it last night and realized the battery needed to be charged. well, we got to mckinney and i realized the battery was still on the charger at HOME! ugh! thankfully less than 5 minutes after discovering i had no camera, taylor showed up and of course she had one in her bag! aunt tay tay saves the day!!!

tanner giving daddy a pep talk while he waited to start his swim (and it was quite a wait!)...
swim, lance, swim!!!
making his move to pass someone!
tanner loved watching the swimming...i let him walk around for a minute but he started acting like he was going to "jump" in the pool and i figured i probably should hold him until we left the pool-he's not quite ready to do the swim leg of a tri! 
headed to get his bike...
 his transitions were way faster than i this was the best i got-i was running to the other side of the transition area to wait and realized he was already on the move!
 uncle grant and tanner entertaining each other while we waited to see lance on the bike portion...
 off the bike and on to the run...there he goes!
 almost done! YEA lance!!!
as tanner would say...ALL DONE!!!
we are SO PROUD of you!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

trying to beat the heat

hot. it's one of tanner's first words and the only way to describe the last couple of weeks. he actually says hah, hah (always twice)...and he's very's HOT, HOT! so we headed for some indoor fun at the museum of nature and science.
this was hilarious. he kept pointing at it, but every time the dinasour would roar taylor said she'd get a leg squeeze. he wasn't sure about the roaring!
there was so much fun to be had...and we didn't even see all of it!
big bubbles!
and playing a little dress up on the fire truck. love my little fireman!
and making some noise...aka banging!
checking out the funny mirrors. he was a little freaked out by his reflection (pic on right)...gave me and taylor a good laugh!
lots of animals to learn about...

and "ant hills" to crawl through...
a picnic with mom! he loved this table that was just his size (notice his soaking wet shirt-yes he tried out the water table before i could get a smock on him...but he didn't mind walking around with a soaking wet shirt).
finally, a computer mom will let me play with!
and his favorite part...the water table! he LOVED the duck, ducks and we did LOTS of quacking!
after he poured water all down his front, we put a smock on (yes, a little late i know)...lots of filling up and pouring...
and more pouring with water wheels and tea pots...
we had a great morning with LOTS of exploring! we will definitely be going back...there's still lots to discover and fun to be had!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

movin' on up!

just for the sake of recording everything so i can remember it, tanner's 18 month stats:
height: 32.25 inches (50%)
weight: 22 lbs (8%)
head circumference: 49.5 cm (90%)

8 percentile! YEA! moving on up from the 3rd and 5th percentile! made this momma happy!

we had a low key weekend...tanner was so excited about the tractor parked across the street (he loves his tractor book with wheels).
and he was quite helpful in prepping tonight's dinner. no, i don't normally cook dinner in the middle of the kitchen floor, but he was wanting to help and i knew he couldn't stand still enough on a chair to not fall off (or maybe i tried it once and he did kind of fall off...but a bowl caught his fall and he was totally ok...just decided we shouldn't try it again for a while).


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

tman's TOMS!

well email marketing does work...kind of. i happened to look at my nordstrom's email and it was featuring kiddo toms. and they even have them for toddlers. of course i forwarded it to aunt tay tay and grammy saying how cute tman would be wearing toms and grammy decided he NEEDED some! saturday we headed to the mall to get him fitted and see if we could find some...
of course lance found him some saucony tennis shoes too, so he is definitely set for hiking and exploring colorado! he is so excited about his new shoes and thinks he's such a big boy wearing them!

and a random thing i don't want to forget...we came in the house earlier this week and lance was sleeping so me and taylor told tanner Shhhh. He turned around, put his finger to his lips and Shhhhed back to us. He walked around Shhhing all afternoon! Hilarious!

and yesterday he got onto the bathroom scale one foot at a time and stood there...he sees lance do this several times a week during bathtime so i guess he decided to find out how much he weighs...trying to do everything just like daddy!