Monday, July 25, 2011

playgroup at kindermusik

dallas moms blog hosted a kindermusik playgroup last week. we went and had a great time! tanner loves music!
playing with shakers!
the scarves were a hit...of course he somehow managed to grab 2 (they were supposed to each get one)...maybe he was just bringing it to me?!?!
love this smile...he was having FUN!
where's weston? it was great-he walked around with the scarf on his head the whole time! we love our friend!
lots of fun waving them all around
storytime-although he wasn't totally into it
and then came the beach balls!
playing with a new friend
and the best part-the teacher had a clean up song and it worked...tanner was actually pretty good at taking his goodies back to her. i was impressed!
we had a great time experiencing kindermusik with old friends and meeting some new ones too!

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