Tuesday, July 12, 2011

tman's TOMS!

well email marketing does work...kind of. i happened to look at my nordstrom's email and it was featuring kiddo toms. and they even have them for toddlers. of course i forwarded it to aunt tay tay and grammy saying how cute tman would be wearing toms and grammy decided he NEEDED some! saturday we headed to the mall to get him fitted and see if we could find some...
of course lance found him some saucony tennis shoes too, so he is definitely set for hiking and exploring colorado! he is so excited about his new shoes and thinks he's such a big boy wearing them!

and a random thing i don't want to forget...we came in the house earlier this week and lance was sleeping so me and taylor told tanner Shhhh. He turned around, put his finger to his lips and Shhhhed back to us. He walked around Shhhing all afternoon! Hilarious!

and yesterday he got onto the bathroom scale one foot at a time and stood there...he sees lance do this several times a week during bathtime so i guess he decided to find out how much he weighs...trying to do everything just like daddy!

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