Monday, July 11, 2011

4th of july

side note: i wrote a post about our fun safari adventure and was featured today at Dallas Moms fun!
just a week late, but better late than never. we headed to temple to see grammy and ipop since they (well, at least mom) were having major tanner withdrawal from their africa trip. we had a very low key weekend.
we had a little indoor camping...
ipop went and found grant's duplos...the train was a hit!
 love this face! "really, mom?! i'm trying to play! pictures?!"
 and then it turned into quite the dance party! tanner was showing grammy and ipop his MOVES!
 lance was tman's hero of the weekend and downloaded chuggington (his current fav) on the say the word chuggington and he gets a HUGE smile and starts dancing...he must hear the theme music in his head (i know i do!)
 tanner tried his first popsicle...yummy but cold!
 we had a little flashlight fun...waving it around is apparently really exciting!
 tanner helped grammy water her this little bum!
but we spent the majority of the weekend doing was just to hot to do anything else. and tanner LOVES it. he woke up and would start knocking on the back door asking to go out to the pool. he even figured out he could work the door levers so the backdoor was locked all weekend to prevent escaping!
swimming with jeb...and lots of other friends
and tanner definitely wasn't concerned with having on his proper swimming attire. he would happily jump in the pool-swim diaper or not. had to document the non-swim diaper plunge-some MAJOR junk in the trunk after it soaked up 50 lbs of water (no lance is not pushing up the was just THAT FULL!).
we are so thankful for our freedom! happy 4th!

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