Thursday, July 21, 2011

trying to beat the heat

hot. it's one of tanner's first words and the only way to describe the last couple of weeks. he actually says hah, hah (always twice)...and he's very's HOT, HOT! so we headed for some indoor fun at the museum of nature and science.
this was hilarious. he kept pointing at it, but every time the dinasour would roar taylor said she'd get a leg squeeze. he wasn't sure about the roaring!
there was so much fun to be had...and we didn't even see all of it!
big bubbles!
and playing a little dress up on the fire truck. love my little fireman!
and making some noise...aka banging!
checking out the funny mirrors. he was a little freaked out by his reflection (pic on right)...gave me and taylor a good laugh!
lots of animals to learn about...

and "ant hills" to crawl through...
a picnic with mom! he loved this table that was just his size (notice his soaking wet shirt-yes he tried out the water table before i could get a smock on him...but he didn't mind walking around with a soaking wet shirt).
finally, a computer mom will let me play with!
and his favorite part...the water table! he LOVED the duck, ducks and we did LOTS of quacking!
after he poured water all down his front, we put a smock on (yes, a little late i know)...lots of filling up and pouring...
and more pouring with water wheels and tea pots...
we had a great morning with LOTS of exploring! we will definitely be going back...there's still lots to discover and fun to be had!

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