Tuesday, May 31, 2011

long weekend at the lake

LOVE long weekends! so, so nice! tman and i spent friday running errands and packing and trying to keep the house semi picked up so we didn't come home to a wreck on monday (because normally by the end of the day our house is a mess!). we headed to rockwall around 4...which kicked off what would prove to be a very long car ride. tanner didn't take a great nap friday so i knew he'd be tired...but instead of sleeping, he decided to be fussy. all the way to rockwall-except when the dogs would distract him (gizmo snuggled down right next to him).
our plan was to head straight to the lake and we would make it just in time for dinner, bath and then bed. tanner decided he still wasn't excited about the car ride once we got to rockwall and would not settle down. and after being cut off by a semi and lance having to slam on the brakes, the dogs got freaked out and gizmo decided to jump into the carseat WITH tanner. that didn't go over well at all and so the meltdown grew to epic proportions. i jumped in the back to get the dog off the child, but tanner wouldn't calm down (he wasn't hurt...he was just not wanting to be in his car seat and didn't like the fact that one of his puppies had just sat on him). so we pulled over, tied the dogs in so they didn't have free reign of the car and ended up feeding tanner a snack/dinner. he still wasn't excited about the car ride and continued to cry/fuss/whine off and on the whole way there. of course he finally fell asleep 10 minutes before we got there! lovely! needless to say his portable dvd player is now installed and we listened to mickey mouse clubhouse all.the.way.home!

but despite the fact that getting there wasn't so much fun, we had a great weekend. tanner enjoyed gigi and pop's escalade (and all the fun sounds)...
discovered (and in some cases re-discovered) his love for blueberries, strawberries, bananas and peaches with reddi whip on top (by the fistfuls!)

and tackled and tried to climb daddy.
saturday morning we decided to head to the park. tanner decided he wasn't interested in a wagon ride or even being carried for more than about 20 seconds. he wanted to WALK by himself!
his preferred mode of transportation...maybe he was just being nice and sharing the wagon with his cousins...
anna and audrey having some fun on the merry-go-round and tanner and lance played on the basketball court...
saturday afternoon was watergun time! amazing HOW MUCH fun kids can have (for hours and hours) with just a package of cheap water guns. tanner couldn't quite pull the trigger on his own, but i couldn't believe he already knew what to do with it-he knew the gun was to shoot.

 shooting his gun...he would run around throwing his arm out-
 he had fun chasing anna and "getting" her. and of course she enjoyed being able to shoot him too!
that afternoon the water gun fight got bigger and better and moved down into the yard. tanner had fun playing in the refill bucket.
anna chased everyone around the yard, and she had a pretty intense water gun battle with uncle lance (he fought back...gigi and pops were pretty easy targets).
tanner decided he wanted in on the action with lance's help...
sunday during naptime pops and lance made a sandbox for the kids. i have a feeling it will get lots of use this summer.
 rinsing off the sand in the lake...and we discovered he's apparently allergic to something that got him
his thigh was red...and puffy...
so into the "bathtub" he went. he still wasn't sure about taking showers so he took sink baths. apparently they were lots of fun...and obviously his leg wasn't bothering him too much...
 daddy blowing some bubbles in the water...and then tanner's turn...
after a bath, a little hydrocortisone cream and some benadryl his leg was back to normal. well, at least until monday. i noticed one little bump right before we left. by the time we got to rockwall, both of his legs were covered. ugh! amazingly enough after a quick bath, some more cream and benadryl, they were almost back to normal by that evening. he's obviously allergic to something-now if we only knew what!

lots of fun at the lake...can't wait til next time when we can take tanner on his first boat ride!

fun day with daddy

lance's last day with wright construction was last wednesday, and he had thursday off before starting his new job at gmr on friday. we had a fun day!
after lance got home from his early morning workout, he took us to mimi's for some yummy breakfast.
 it's hard to tell but he was just lounging on the table here...lance was trying to give me a few more minutes to finish my breakfast and coffee before tanner was DONE.
then we hit up the playtime at one of the local rec centers. tanner is now an official card carrying member of the dallas parks and rec-yes he has his own card with his picture on it! hilarious! tanner had fun with all the toddler toys, but he was mostly interested in the basketball goals (which were VERY high!)...he was determined to shoot hoops with daddy (this boy loves to shoot hoops like his dad!)
 all smiles since daddy was home to play and we got chick fil a for lunch...always a hit!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hours and hours and hours of FUN!

i've been keeping an eye out on craigslist for a sand and water table since tanner had so much fun playing with his friend's. i finally found one monday, and lance picked it up that night. tanner and i made a quick trip to the dollar section at target tuesday morning to get a few sand toys.
after lunch and naps, he finally got to play...
and play...
with an occasional break to sweep up his mess (he LOVES the broom...carries it around with him everywhere!).
so what'd we do the next day? yup, you guessed it! he was banging on the backdoor ready to go out as soon as he finished breakfast! so we played...
 and played...
 and dug...
 and dumped...
we didn't even break for lunch...we just had a picnic outside (well, the picnic consisted of me chasing tanner around the backyard with bites of food...but that's close to a picnic, right?!)

"what's the problem, mom?! why can't i play in the sand all day long and go back and forth and in and out of the house? you don't want sand everywhere?! well, why not?"
and in other news, we had our weight check today and i'm proud to report that little man gained about 1.5 pounds in the last 6 weeks...he's up to 21.6 lbs. not too shabby considering he wasn't eating much for 2 of those weeks!