Friday, May 6, 2011

swimming like a fish!

last week we started swim lessons with ms. carol. tanner did great! the first day he was a little hesitant when we got in and showed everyone how good he was at shaking his head "no." but after just a few minutes he warmed up and decided it was ok.

there were 3 other friends in his class...jackson (taylor's nephew), alexandra (a friend from his play wisely class) and noah (a friend from mops). so much fun!
he was mr chill in the pool. he wasn't too into kicking his legs, but he finally started at least giving a kick or two the last couple of days. we'll definitely have to keep working on that this summer. he just liked floating around on his tummy with me holding him. he really did great at going under water and holding his breath. it was amazing to see how quickly he caught on!
the first week was spent getting them comfortable in the water and learning how to go under and hold their breath. we sang lots of songs in the water too-wheels on the bus, ring around the rosie, this is the way we wash our tummy, and motorboat.

the first week they learned how to jump in from the side and go under. he was a pro at that! he didn't want me to count or soon as i sat him on the edge he'd jump right back in and "swim" to me.
the second week they learned how to swim in between two people and also how to swim down and get rings. by the end of the 2 weeks tanner was getting rings off the bottom of the shallow end! pretty fun! he also learned to swim from me to ms. carol underwater and through a hula hoop. by the last day as soon as i'd throw a ring into the pool or he'd see the hula hoop underwater, he'd just automatically stick his whole head in the water. i think we have a diver on our hands!
diving for rings
thankfully ms. carol's pool is heated and nice and warm...since there were a few days with highs in the low 70s! it was COLD getting out, but he was a trooper. but it wasn't nearly as cold as monday...we didn't get to swim since it was raining and the high was only 49 (yes, in may, in texas...unheard of!!!).
my monkey swimmer trying to warm up
daddy got to come on friday and see everything he learned!
ms. carol even has a graduation for them...they get a certificate and a fun little water gun (since they played with water guns each day).
 getting his certificate and water gun
we LOVED swimming lessons with ms. carol and can't wait til next year!!!


Elyse said...

Your swim classes are WAY better than mine. We've only been to one of the two but I'm pretty sure we won't be jumping off the edge or swimming to get rings the whole 8 lessons. I'm very impressed!

Kim said...

Ok, THAT is impressive! Go Tanner, go!! After 4 lessons I think we accomplished Grace blowing bubbles... going under is still terrifying for her! :) Maybe we can have another swim date at Grammy and iPop's this summer and Tanner can teach Grace his tricks! :)