Monday, May 16, 2011

16 months...just 2 weeks late!

well i've been updating the blog but never got around to the 16 month post...we go in for a weight check on thursday so we'll know how BIG this boy is then. but of course most of these monthly updates are for i can remember what is happening and when-it's amazing how quickly you forget these things!

food wise he decided right at 16 months that he was ready to actually eat a variety of foods. he still loves fruit-his new favorite are grapes-and of course veggies. but this past month he decided bread was we can have toast (with honey just like his mommy), waffles and french toast sticks for breakfast! yea! and he's decided he loves chickfila and even chicken nuggets i cook at home. he's at least open to trying new things...yippee! i haven't tried eggs again-need to do that. the kid has eaten tons of ice cream this last month...i'm hoping this ice cream kick he's on isn't going to show up when i stand on the scale too!

teeth...we're working on the top 2 have broken through but they aren't all the way in. the drool is on overload so i'm sure the bottom 2 are close behind. it's a little hard to feel-without getting my finger chewed on.

loving his schedule-up between 7-7:30 (except for a few crazy early mornings/middle of the night wake ups...thinking those are due to the dang molars)...but even if he wakes up early, he usually will play/talk happily in his crib until i come get him. then it's diaper change-it's like a brick!, milk and mickey mouse club house or jake and the neverland pirates while i make his breakfast. this month definitely started the dropping to 1 nap transition. some mornings he just would not sleep which is ok with me...the hardest part is just not knowing what nap schedule the day will hold. i think once he fully switches over to 1 nap i'll like having more time to do things...but it's hard when some days he wants one and other days he wants/needs 2. bedtime is 7 and it's great that he's a lot more flexible on this now!

one of his new favorite toys-my hair dryer. and he's quite good at throwing things away. if he finds trash in the living room (which is usually some random piece of paper that he plays with...when he's done playing he decides it's trash) he will walk to the pantry until i open the door so he can throw it in the trash. hilarious! he also decided that he likes to take his own pictures...he loved walking around with the little camera (but of course wanted it on).
he's still loving outside...loved swimming...loves the dogs...and loves other kids. we go to play wisely every wednesday and kate's mommy took a group picture-he loves his friends!

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