Tuesday, May 10, 2011

mother's day

i had a great mother's day!!! we went to breakfast at mimi's, and tanner even ate with us instead of us feeding him before we left. he had some cheerios and shared french toast and pancakes with me and lance!
we came home, had a relaxing day and did a little grocery shopping (because yes, while sunday was mother's day and you'd think i shouldn't go to the store, i remembered that monday and the upcoming week wasn't mother's day...and we have to have food to eat!). after tanner's afternoon nap we headed to willowbend. tanner had a little ice cream and then got to play on the playground. he loved it...had such a fun time watching the other kids.
and then tanner and lance killed some time while i shopped for my mother's day present...yup, all i wanted was a date night and new bras (sorry, tmi i know...but really-not too many guys read this). after being pregnant for 9+ months and then nursing for 12+ months, things just aren't quite the same. so lance entertained the kiddo while some nice lady in the dillards bra department helped me figure out what damage had been done and what i needed. we made a quick stop at central market on the way home...tman needed some more yogurt, lance got me my favorite wine and we grabbed some market to go! great day all around!

on a slightly more serious note (although bra shopping can most definitely be a serious thing!), i really was able to think a little bit more about mother's day this year (last year we celebrated mother's day in arkansas...but really we were celebrating my brother's college graduation). i really am blessed to be able to celebrate this day. not only do i get to be a mother, but i have the best mom in the world to celebrate too! Happy Mother's Day to my mom! she is pretty amazing and i have huge shoes to fill to even come close to being the mother she was to me, taylor and grant. she made it look quite easy...and trust me, it's not! being a mom is probably the hardest, most exhausting job i've ever had. not that's it's not totally worth it, but it's not easy!

thankfully i have a great example to look to...she's an example of unconditional love (yes, i know, i wasn't always a very loveable daughter), servanthood, patience, creativity (you should have seen some of my school projects she helped with-life size davy crockett...oh yes!), multitasking, and really just an example of a "super mom" and wonderful wife who loves Jesus. she has spent the last 30 years showing me how to be a great mom and wife! i'm so thankful for her...as my mom and as my friend! love you, mom!


allison said...

You are a great mom to Tanner, and I'm thankful to have a friend like you ahead of me in the motherhood adventure to share all your wisdom. ;) Happy (belated) Mother's Day!!

Kim said...

Ok- I'm kind of tearing up! You do have a wonderful mom and you ARE a wonderful mom! :) So glad you enjoyed your day!

AND I can totally sympathize with the bra situation! My goodness! Another thing no one warned me about! :)