Monday, May 2, 2011

great day!

we had a great, lazy sunday. tanner had a rough night (well he probably thought it was fine-it was just rough for me). he woke up crying at some point and needed some mommy snuggle time to settle back down to sleep. honestly i was in a tylenol pm coma so i don't even remember what time it was or how long we were up. but that, coupled with the fact that he woke up crying at 5:30 am saturday morning and refused to go back to sleep, made for one tired momma (i'm hoping it's teeth and will pass any day now! i realized sunday night that one of his pointy teeth has just broken through the gums!). lance got up with him when he woke up around 7:30, fed him breakfast and let me sleep in. let me rephrase that-when you have a toddler who loves to walk around the house with his mower (with a popper in it), there isn't much sleeping once he's up...but i did get to lay in bed for a little while. tanner decided he needed a morning nap around 9:30, and i decided i needed one too! super hubby got him when he woke up from his nap...meaning i got a 2 hour nap! glorious day!!!

and for lunch, tanner ate a grilled cheese sandwich! wahoo! i promise this isn't turning into a food blog, but he has completely turned over a new leaf this week and is being SO adventurous (or at least trying new foods which is very adventurous for him). 
after lunch he decided to hide from us...he had so much fun playing in the corner.

we ran some errands all together (in the COLD weather-it's may and the high was in the 50s?!?! what is going on?) and then he took an afternoon nap! two good naps in one day-yippee! he woke up feeling good and we decided to try something new for dinner...spaghetti! it was hilarious-he didn't quite know what to do with the noodles and how to get them in his mouth.
so proud of himself (he is getting lots of praise for eating and trying new things these days)...and then trying it double fisted!
 trying to get those slippery noodles in his mouth...not quite sure the best way to eat this stuff!
he has decided he's a bread lover now...all of a sudden he is always wanting bread! he wanted the whole loaf for himself...
 i actually caught a laugh/smile after dinner (without his huge wide open mouth smile taking up his whole face...but i do love that smile too!!!)
love this boy and love my hubby for letting me catch up on a little sleep today!

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Kim said...

So cute! I know what you mean about just getting to lay in bed... I love those days and I usually consider them "sleeping in" too! That's about as good as it gets! :) I bet if Tanner keeps eating that bread he will get a Grace belly- I'm pretty sure that's how she got hers! She LOVES bread!