Sunday, May 1, 2011

such a little boy

last night we had a luau with our small much fun! team wakeem has a great patio and we enjoyed sitting outside and grilling burgers. tanner had a blast-anything outside and he's a happy camper. i have quickly realized he is ALL boy. within 5 minutes of arriving, he had discovered weston's sand and water table and was pretty much covered from head to toe in sand. and of course he didn't mind one bit!
 the sand was his favorite part!
 he also had fun throwing beach balls and then running after them!
and sliding with daddy's help!
we love our friends steph and weston!!!
by the end of the night he was a stinky, sweaty, sand-covered little boy! he was so covered in sand that somehow i even ended up with sand in my mouth! but he had lots of fun and didn't stop moving and playing all night long! we love our small group friends!

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Steph Wakeem said...

yay! so happy to have internet now so I can read this stuff :)
love our friends!