Friday, April 29, 2011

mowing over mommy

tanner is LOVING his mower. i have been "attacked" several times by a little boy and his lawn mower. one afternoon i was on the phone with my mom and he was following me around with his mower. well, he got a little close and i ended up jumping over the mower to avoid him running over my toes. apparently seeing me jump over the mower was just hilarious to him, because ever since that, his new game is chasing people (and dogs) and trying to run over them. he laughs uncontrollably-it's funny! and i'm amazed...he's really gotten pretty good and turning his toys as he pushes them...enjoy the belly laughs and cackles!
(sorry it's sideways-i couldn't figure out how to turn it and i must have been holding my cell phone the wrong way as i jumped to avoid losing my toes!)