Saturday, April 9, 2011

15 months

it's been a busy month! this has been the month of diaper rash...yes, i did say month! tanner has spent lots and lots and lots of time running around diaperless trying to clear it up-thank goodness he loves being outside!
15 month stats:
height-31.25 inches (60%)
weight-20 lbs 2 oz (3%)
head circumference-47.8 cm (75%)

yes, we have a skinny boy on our hands...and i really think that 20.2 was fudging it a little. tanner decided he wanted to stand up on the big boy scale instead of sitting in the little infant one. maybe the big boy scale is a little more generous? his favorite foods are fruits and steamed vegetables. he will eat hot dog and he's just started liking fish sticks. still no bread, chicken, eggs. we go back in 6 weeks for a weight check (trying not to stress out about this, but not doing a very good job) and we're supposed to work really hard on fats and proteins. i made a grocery run and it was lance's dream cart-corny dogs, oatmeal cream pies, fish sticks, chicken nuggets, pop tarts, eggo waffles and french toast sticks, chocolate chip cookies, ice cream. yes, it feels quite backwards to be trying to get him to eat less healthy foods...but fruit and steamed veggies just isn't putting any meat on his bones (i'm now cooking them in olive oil and putting butter on them!). at this point, if the kid will eat it, i will give it to him! he's doing much better with his milk so that's at least a positive!

diaper rash and all he's still a pro at smiling for the camera! and after spring break i decided it was time to see the doctor. tanner decided to entertain himself by reading books while we were waiting to be seen (and sadly while we were there it was confirmed he does have allergies-poor kid!).
we have spent lots of time outside. tanner wakes up ready to play outside...he usually starts pointing at the backyard as soon as we walk into the living room in the mornings. 
car rides...
playing with sticks and the dogs...
he loves playing with the dogs (which he calls wolf, wolfs) and loves chasing them around the house with his arms stretched out laughing hysterically as he runs after them. he loves to give them hugs too...on the rare occasion that they sit still long enough for him to get within arms length.
 trying out a little dirt...
and lots of HUGE smiles!
he is quite the smiler...anytime i pull my cell phone or camera out he usually gives me his wide open mouth smile...such a ham!
tanner also got his first few days without mommy and daddy...he was royally spoiled by grammy and ipop! so while lance and i enjoyed a few days in fort lauderdale laying at the pool and ocean...
tanner spent lots of time at the park, visited the fun indoor playground at willow bend when the pollen was just too awful outside, and even went to cheer on aunt taylor and uncle brian while they ran a half marathon!
tanner also decided this month that he was a monkey! climbing is FUN!

he is exploring everything and we're thinking we might have a future plumber on our hands...we hide the plungers but he keeps finding them!
teeth-he has 8 teeth...the 4th one on the bottom finally popped through! i think molars are next. 

the time changed this month, and i might be one of the few moms that was excited. we didn't adjust him at all-it just meant everything was an hour later which has been great! he now usually sleeps til 7-7:30 in the morning and is still taking 2 naps-9:30 and 1:30-2ish on most days. i have noticed we are flirting with dropping to 1 nap...some days he just doesn't want a second nap and other days that he has 2 good naps, he isn't quite ready for bed at bedtime. but still for the most part he wants/needs the 2 naps. bedtime is anywhere between 7 and 7:30 at night which is so much better than 6:30! It gives him a little more time with daddy at the end of the day! yea!

he is getting to be quite smart. it's amazing what he understands and remembers. at the doctor's office he does NOT like laying down on the table (which is where he gets shots...3 at his 15 month appt but only 1 more and then we're DONE until he's 3 or 4!!!). as soon as we put him on the table to measure how tall he was he started screaming. he loves to explore everything. there is not a single cabinet in our house that hasn't been thoroughly explored. he loves to feed himself...he wants to use a fork and a spoon at every meal and he's starting to want the plates, bowls and food containers on his tray too. throwing food and his milk cup is our newest mealtime challenge.

it's amazing what he picks up on. i've caught him trying to brush his hair with my brush and he has also found an extension cord and has tried and tried to plug it into an outlet (don't worry-they're covered). he has also started to help "clean." he loves to take his binkys and wipe the floors or take a napkin and wipe his face and his tray. he also is great at going to get things that i ask him to. and when you ask him if he wants to go somewhere, he heads straight to the backdoor and starts banging on it. and he's also been trying to put his own shoes and socks on lately.

he also got his first haircut this month-goodbye mullet! he did great and wasn't too scared, until she tried to clean up his neck-he wasn't a fan of the buzzing sound.
not so bad...until he decided he didn't like the buzzing in his ear...

ALL done and SO handsome!
so we headed to the park to play with our extra handsome boy...
he LOVES the big slide!
headed home to see the wolf, wolfs...

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Sarah said...

Hey! Grey was only 22 lbs at 2 years old--- it was the first time he even got on the chart!! All my boys have struggled with their weight!! We just keep feeding them!!