Friday, April 29, 2011

what a mess!

we've had a great week! tanner ate chick-fil-a 2 days for lunch (made me a happy mommy!) and he has also decided he likes toast and has even tried a few bites of blueberry muffin! baby steps, people, baby steps! just in general he has been back to himself-eating like his normal self. yea!

i've figured out a trick to getting him to try new things...I have to be eating it (but he's more likely to try it if it's finger foods...he's not as much interested in food i'm eating with a fork). since we don't normally eat the same things, i normally make my coffee and breakfast after i finish feeding him his breakfast. but after he asked to try my chick-fil-a, i thought i'd try breakfast together. it worked! so we are now eating as many meals as possible together (which sometimes creates a little more work, but if he'll eat, it's worth it!). and on the upside, if we eat together and then play together, maybe we can avoid the house looking like this (oh yes, this damage was done all before 9 am one morning-mainly while i tried to eat my breakfast)...i took pictures just so i could remember how fast he could destroy a room!

every sippy cup and measuring cup was OUT of the cabinets, aprons and bowls on the floor and he decided he didn't like the chairs at the table and had pushed them around the room to rearrange...
living room-laundry on the couch (if it was folded he unfolded it), chair out for mickey mouse club house, cozy coup in the middle of the floor, more sippy cups, washcloths for wiping down the furniture, a basketball goal in case he feels the urge to shoot some hoops, wipes and kleenex that he's left wadded up on the couch, and a lawn mower for whenever he feels like a little yard work
while the kitchen and living room were completely trashed, the play room (with all the toys) was spotless. go figure! why do we buy toys?!?!
but it is so fun watching him explore things...some days i feel like i can actually see the little wheels turning in his brain!

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