Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

We've had a great week celebrating Easter! Last weekend we went to Rockwall for an early Easter celebration and egg hunt...and Tanner figured it out pretty quickly (with a little help from dad)! 
 He was quite entertained by the bunny in Gigi's yard!
A basket full and quite proud of himself!
After an exciting egg hunt, Gigi made a pallet and the girls watched the Veggie Tales Easter video. Tanner lasted on the pallet for about 60 seconds.
 The rest of "pallet time" with Tanner looked a little more like this...and Audrey was such a trooper with Tanner crawling all over her!
Then this weekend we had a second Easter celebration. Grammy and Ipop came and I think Tanner had a great time with all the festivities!
Opening his Easter goodies from Grammy and Ipop. Forget the toys, his favorite thing to play with was the golden egg (which really was for use in a few's breakable!). He had the most fun putting it into the container it came in and then getting it back out, and then doing it all over again!
 Man, mom, this is FUN!
 The Easter bunny made a visit overnight and left an Easter basket full. 
He wouldn't put the bouncy ball down...even as he mowed through the living room with his new lawn mower. He was quick to figure it out-pouring gas from the gas can and pulling the starter string.
 I promised him he could have his chocolate bunny after breakfast. He ate a good breakfast (which was huge-eating issues is a whole other post) and so up next was chocolate. Honestly at this point, if he's willing to eat it, I'm willing to give it to him. It was a hit!
 After he demolished the ears in just a couple of bites, I decided it might be best if we didn't eat ALL of bunny for breakfast.
Tanner got to wear his Easter outfit to visit Meme, and after lunch we had another egg hunt. Tanner was in heaven-Gigi and Pops came over so he had both sets of grandparents here to play with him!
Showing Gigi and Pops his new mower
3 generations in 1 chair...poor pops!
 my happy boy! and getting some mommy time!
 and the egg hunt was on...
 after the egg hunt all he wanted to do was run...up and down the sidewalk! thankfully he had lots of people to chase him!

and of course he needed some water after running around...
 what a wonderful day celebrating that He is RISEN!

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