Tuesday, July 5, 2011

18 months!

how is tanner already 1 and a HALF?!?! i really can't believe it! he is getting so big and it's crazy to see him absorbing things every day. i think lance and i say at least a few times a week, "how does he know that?!" scary!
yes he knows exactly how to use his nose frida...he used to be ok "playing" with just part of it-now he wants the whole thing to do it just right!
LOVES swimming! and water. i think he'd live in the pool if we'd let him.
he just "jumped" in and walks around with this face a lot (i think it's because the sun is so bright...silly kid won't wear a hat or sunglasses!)
loves the pool drains...
-officially has all 4 molars...thank goodness!
-down to one nap-around 12:30-1 and it's usually about 1.5 hours (swimming usually means a LONG nap-2-2.5 hours...we LOVE swimming!)
-great at giving kisses and hugs.
-gets time outs. so far that's the best discipline technic that works...other things he just laughs at. but when we sit him on the kitchen rug he knows he's supposed to sit there and not move...usually it ends up in tears and a sweet kiss when it's time to get up.
-reading books...moo, ba, lalala and no no noah and b is for bear are his favorite. he has just started to really enjoy this and will bring me books now to read. if he really likes the book, we've been known to read it 2-3-4 times in a row. MO, MO, MO!
-working on learning to share
-talking-well, he definitely understands TONS! he's picking up more words but still not too many...

more-sounds like mo, mo and usually accompanied by the sign for more. he does this for more but also if he wants something (ie like his dvd player turned on in the car)
sit-si-usually done with his arm flopping in the air (no idea why on the arm part)...sit definitely comes from him hearing me tell the dogs to sit 193843728 times a day!
thank you-shanshoo. we're getting better at saying this more frequently-he's actually better saying it unprompted than when i ask him to say it
night-night-nie nie
uh-oh-yup, he's got this one down
he also knows dogs go wuf wuf and he's got duck down...it's a combo of dack dack...d for duck and ack for quack quack. just this week he learned that cows say moo.
love watching him learn new words and figure out what he's saying!

-he is always moving. and it's funny to watch him try to out run or out smart me...he was trying to escape from the indoor play area here...mom wouldn't let him out but he thought it was so much fun trying!
-he's decided he likes corn dogs and mcdonalds pancakes and yogurt parfait were a new favorite discovered on his weekend with daddy! still working on getting tman to like pasta! and we tried popsicles this month too-kinda cold! and he loves, loves, loves milk!

we definitely had our most scary tanner moment/mommy moment this month. i gave him his liquid vitamin (no different than any other night) during his bath and he inhaled as i did it. of course it was a saturday night and lance wasn't home at the time. aspirating on a vitamin isn't much fun (read: miserable) and lots of coughing, gagging, gasping, dry heaving, loud breathing, grabbing his chest and crying ensued. i was definitely in a bit of a panic and worried we were headed for our first trip to the er (and of course ipop was asleep in london and cell phones weren't working). yes, me and tanner were both in tears. he finally settled down and just had a horrible cough that sounded like a barking frog. but after texting with our pediatrician (yes i love her!) and watching him for a while we put him to sleep. of course we checked on him every hour or two all night, but by morning he was completely back to normal.

we've had lots of fun this month exploring all the different indoor play areas...so much room to play and RUN! we don't walk anywhere!
 we can't leave central market these days without watching the fish for a while...
 such a climber...climbing toys and climbing new things in the house every day!
and climbing has led to a few bumps and bruises this month. yes we had a few rough days-saturday he aspirated his vitamin, monday he fell in the shower (two seconds after i took this picture-and no, he doesn't shower by himself...i was sitting right outside the door-he wanted to keep playing)
and then tuesday he fell on the bed (huge forehead bruise/line)...yup, i felt like super mom!
and we've even had a few meals like this. yes, something i said i'd NEVER do before i became a mom. i mean dinner in front of the tv...really?!?! but we were in melt down mode and this was the only way i could get him to eat. desperate times call for desperate measures!
 his first big boy haircut...no more long baby hair. he did NOT like this haircut. didn't like the cape, didn't like the clippers, didn't like his fun chair. the only thing that dried up the tears...a sucker!
 he's decided he doesn't need to watch tv in his chair...the floor is great! chuggington is his favorite cartoon these days!
 and the counters are no longer safe. i came into the kitchen a few days ago to find this...he had pulled his fig newton's off the counter all by himself!
 tanner had his first carousel ride...and he didn't freak out!
we've had a great month and are really enjoying the summer! it is such a joy to watch my little guy grow up each day-i can't believe how big he is getting! i am loving this age and all the fun we are having together! he's definitely my little buddy!

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Kim said...

What a cutie! And that is some bump on his forehead!! Don't worry though- totally not your fault... I have supermom moments all the time!

Loved seeing you guys this weekend!