Saturday, July 23, 2011

lance's first triathlon

we are SO PROUD of lance! he just completed his first triathlon this morning! YEA! he's been working his butt of training the last couple of months. lance left before the sun came up, and me and tanner headed to mckinney to the cooper aerobics center as soon as he woke up and ate a quick breakfast. we were dressed, out the door and on the road by 7:05...amazing if you ask me!

we found uncle grant once we got there and he showed us where to go to find lance. of course this is when i realized that i had forgotten one VERY important thing at home that morning-my camera battery. i checked it last night and realized the battery needed to be charged. well, we got to mckinney and i realized the battery was still on the charger at HOME! ugh! thankfully less than 5 minutes after discovering i had no camera, taylor showed up and of course she had one in her bag! aunt tay tay saves the day!!!

tanner giving daddy a pep talk while he waited to start his swim (and it was quite a wait!)...
swim, lance, swim!!!
making his move to pass someone!
tanner loved watching the swimming...i let him walk around for a minute but he started acting like he was going to "jump" in the pool and i figured i probably should hold him until we left the pool-he's not quite ready to do the swim leg of a tri! 
headed to get his bike...
 his transitions were way faster than i this was the best i got-i was running to the other side of the transition area to wait and realized he was already on the move!
 uncle grant and tanner entertaining each other while we waited to see lance on the bike portion...
 off the bike and on to the run...there he goes!
 almost done! YEA lance!!!
as tanner would say...ALL DONE!!!
we are SO PROUD of you!!!


Kim said...

Ok- Amazing! Way to go Lance!!

Unknown said...
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iPOP said...

Iron Man Lance! Great job!

Anonymous said...

this is just fantastic! We've been so impressed with Lance's dedication and to see it come to fruition is really cool! GREAT JOB!!!

Team Wakeem