Friday, August 5, 2011

Escaping the heat in Colorado-Part 1

we just got back from a nice little vacation to Colorado. so nice to get a break from the brutal Texas heat. i think the highlight for Tanner was getting to play outside...he was outside A.LOT! and i had a new lens for my camera (fun!) so of course i took tons of pictures!

we loaded up everything but the kitchen sink and headed to the airport (thankfully Taylor was dropping us off curbside!). dang, you have to take a lot of stuff with a toddler...and we didn't even have to bring all of it since we recruited mom and dad to bring the pack n play and backpack and booster seat for tman. he definitely had fun watching the airplanes while we waited for our plane (and changed gates 4 times...gotta love AA). he had the most fun watching the planes as they took off while we waited on our rental car...grammy taught him that planes go "swoosh" (waving his arm) into the sky...and then of course it was "uh oh" once they were out of sight!
we had quite a travel day of flying into Denver and then driving to Grand Lake, but tanner was a trooper. happy the whole time and he didn't even fall asleep until 9 pm (still in the car!).

friday we just hung around the house, explored the neighborhood and had a pretty low key day.
 exploring the neighborhood...the maclaren did quite a bit of off roading and held up amazingly well!
 the view from our balcony
 he found a friend at the house...he loved mr. bear and picked up a new animal sound during our trip.
and he finally mastered the idea of going down the stairs on his stomach-thank goodness!
tanner is in love with choo choos. thankfully grammy brought the duplos train and tanner spent lots of time playing...he also loves the animals (esp. the neigh and baa) that go with the train set.
 we also had to get tman used to the backpack, but once it was his idea to ride in it, he loved it and was all smiles!
 after the impromptu hike in our flip flops, tanner was eager to help grammy clean her feet!

we headed into town later that afternoon and explored the park downtown and tman had fun chasing his shadow down the boardwalk.

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