Saturday, August 13, 2011

Escaping the heat in Colorado-Part 3

sunday we headed out to hike. it was a typical o'neal adventure. weren't sure where we were headed, asked a local, and off we went. but it ended up being a GREAT hike and so beautiful...4 miles around monarch lake.
tanner did great in the backpack. he started off on lance's back and then uncle grant took a turn.
ready to hike!
along the way tanner had lots of discoveries! he picked up sticks and got to touch lots of different trees...
he got to walk over bridges and see some soon as they walked onto the bridge over these rapids grant said tanner kept saying "WOW"...
of course we took a few picture breaks...
 and then continued over the river and through the woods...
 after the hike the guys had a little recovery time in the hot tub back at the house...the hot tub is always a favorite on vacation in colorado.
monday we headed into and i wanted to check out some of the shops along the boardwalk and the guys decided to play some putt putt. tanner LOVED playing putt putt and thought he was just one of the big boys! it also rained this nice for it to be chilly out! and tanner was a pro at finding every puddle-putt putt and puddles...what more can a boy ask for?!
 after shopping and putt putt we headed to the lake...tanner was determined to find some duck, ducks. "where are the duck, ducks?"
 having a wild ride on uncle grant's shoulders...anything to distract from the lack of ducks at the lake.
and of course tanner decided he'd be lots of help packing to go home. apparently he wanted to go home as luggage with uncle grant!
such a great trip (and depressing to come home to 100+ temps)! we can't wait til next year!

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