Tuesday, August 30, 2011

week of fun

yes, i've been a blog slacker. maybe it's because i've been in mourning that aunt tay tay had to go back to school. we celebrated with lots of fun the week before she had to go back with painting in the tub, a trip to the acquarium and to pump it up junior!
thanks to pinterest (yup, i'm addicted!) i found an easy "recipe" for bathtub paint. tanner had lots of fun, although next time i'll double or triple the recipe-each color would get its own batch.
 and yes, he decided to paint with his toothbrush. yummy, i know!
 the morning we went to the acquarium tman slept til 8:45-um WOW! that is some kind of major record for him-of course not to be repeated anytime soon unfortunately. he had just learned what an alligator "says"-SNAP (with hand motions). he doesn't really say anything, but he's got the big hand clapping down! so the albino alligators at the acquarium were definitely a favorite.
 he reached in to pet a sting ray once (with my help/urging)...and then he decided he'd just rather watch.
 this was a BIG turtle. apparently it had an impression on him because he can now say turtle. well, i know he's saying turtle. to anyone besides me and lance it just sounds like he's making silly noises with his tongue. so cute!
 his face was priceless in these two pictures. apparently he didn't like the turtle looking directly at him through the glass and swimming in his direction. i laughed out loud when i saw the look on his face!
we cooled off that afternoon by trying out the splash pad grammy got us. it took a while to get it out, thinking we had to blow it up (lance even tried). and then i finally realized that um, no air is needed. you just hook up the water hose and it works. oops!
 pump it up junior was the next day. love that they have toddler jumping days-only 3 and under so there's no "mean" big kids to trample my little guy! as you'll see in the pictures, he was much more into aunt tay tay than mommy. he kept asking for her and asking for her. he didn't want to slide with me-only aunt tay tay!
 bouncing with aunt tay tay and then down the slide!
the big slide! this is the one he refused to do with me-he'd only go with taylor!
 the kid-sized door. he discovered this and instantly lost interest in the inflatables. he LOVED this door. we went in and out several times...and then finally decided it was time to go home since i couldn't pull him away from it!
 this face pretty much sums up what tanner thinks about aunt tay tay! he LOVES it when she comes over (just today we went to visit her at school and as soon as he saw her, his face lit up, he squeels and runs to her). so maybe that's why he's not sleeping at night recently-he's missing his daily play dates with her!
we love you aunt tay tay and can't wait til next summer!!!

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