Sunday, August 14, 2011

19 months!

tman turned 19 months the day after we came home from colorado. he is really going from baby to little boy. he is definitely all boy-dirt, rocks, sticks. and he's tough-falls down, scrapes a knee and is back up and running. he has quite an opinion these days, and with that comes a few fits.

we had our first public melt down this month. we were at a toy store and he rode around in the cart with me. i told him he could play with the train tables at the front before we left. so he played for a few minutes, and i took a few pics and sent them to grammy and lance. i told him we needed to go, and he shook his head and said no...and kept playing. i let it slide and let him play-i was checking email on my phone and we really weren't in a hurry. we only had one more quick errand to run before heading home.
well, let's just say i tried to peacefully leave the toy store a couple more times...and each time i suggested we leave, he quickly informed me he wasn't ready. i finally told him we had to go (i mean how long do they really want you camped out at the store playing?!), nicely took the chuggington train from his hand, and picked him up to carry him to the car. by the time i pried the train from his hand, the tears had started. he was SO UPSET! crying like the world was coming to an end. it was kind of sad, but kind of funny. he was in major melt down mode...crying and then he'd get mad and scream. i had to call grammy just so she could hear the drama.
needless to say we didn't run any more errands. he could not get it together-all the way home he was upset. there was no way i was taking him to wally world in melt down mode. and i think we have officially added a train table to the birthday/christmas wish list on behalf of the kiddo-i'm sure if he could talk, it'd be at the top of his list! i'm sure we'll have MANY more public melt downs, but i had to record our first...and that i survived!

other things to remember at this age:
really talking-telling me things like all done without prompting and with words instead of sign language first. trying to repeat things and words. he's got lots of noises/words down (his own language)-milk, bubbles, sit, bad dog, binky, bear. he also can snap like an alligator (and clap his hands) and roar like a bear. and if he sees the bubbles (yes, he knows exactly what they are), he'll walk around saying bubu all day long until you give in! so yes, one night it was bubble dinner-tanner ate and i blew bubbles.
loves cows, horses, ducks and trains and balls.

 he loves to help. he has started climbing up on the dishwasher to help with the dishes (he loves to take them from the top tray and throw them into the sink while i'm running the water). he also usually helps feed the dogs breakfast or dinner. he loves doing it and thinks he's so big! he'll also help with laundry-throwing it into the washer or dryer and even carrying some things back to the bedroom to be put up.
and he also loves to try putting things together
he can reach things on top of cabinets and in drawers...just another "level" of baby proofing. one day i walked into the kitchen to discover him helping himself to some fig newtons (he pulled them down all by himself).
hates when lance and i hug without him...he runs up and pushes lance away-hilarious!

can climb up on the couch...and i find him up there reading books or playing with toys...or watching his movies. he loves the corner and has mastered lounging! he'll lean back against the pillows and just relax-it's hilarious!

 he loves to do anything that me and lance do. he thought it was so funny watching me try to swat a fly with the dish towel...but he was a pro at spotting it when i missed! he decided he'd take a try at it.
where's the fly?! oh there it is...swoosh goes the towel!
he's also started climbing up on my lap on the couch or on the floor-love it! and he loves for you to google search duck images (yes, thanks to aunt tay tay).

he is still our picky eater and some days eats like a champ and other days he just nibbles. he's finally starting to outgrow a few of his 12 month clothes-they still fit but are getting a little small. he's definitely getting more flexible on his sleep which is nice. still bedtime around 7ish and sleeping until 7ish. his one nap is usually about 1.5 hours-2 hours on a really good day. and in the teeth department all 4 molars have broken through and 3 of the 4 eye teeth have broken the surface (just the tips)...and #4 is not far behind!

we had a great month despite the heat and it's really hard to believe he's getting so big and turning into a little guy! it's so much fun and i enjoy spending the days with my little buddy!


Kim said...

You are such a big boy, Tanner! Our babies need to stop growing up! :)

I am super impressed that that was his first public meltdown!! You have been so good to your momma, Tanner!! :) Let the real fun begin!

mrs.izzy said...

hi there! I found your blog on Dallas Moms Blogs. Your little "big boy" standing on the dishwasher is cute. My youngest one (16 months) started doing that too when I am emptying the dishwasher. Unfortunately I have glassware that shatters into hundreds of little pieces so he doesn't get to "help" as much as he wants. Why I don't have my family use all plastic stuff just yet is a mystery - having 4 young kids.