Thursday, August 19, 2010

since we've been home...

well i know i just wrote about colorado but we've really been back for over a week...and we're still trying to get tanner back into his routine (mainly the sleeping all night routine!)!!! some fun we've had since we've been back...
tanner can officially grocery shop with me sitting up in the cart...he loves it! this is his first "big boy" shopping trip...
and since he did so well in the shopping cart, we tried out a high chair the next day at scotty p's with looks like he's hitting the table saying "feed me! feed me!"
and despite his not so good sleeping at night, naps are going great! one day he woke up and i heard him carrying on quite the conversation with himself...he was one happy camper!
but the sad part about coming back from our trip (other than coming back to this texas heat!) is that aunt taylor has to go back to school. i don't know who is more, her or tanner (i think i might be the saddest!). we are going to miss play dates with aunt taylor, running errands with her and having her babysit so i can do random errands. i tried to convince brian that she should retire and be tanner's full-time playmate and my full-time errand partner/babysitter, but he wasn't too excited about that idea. yesterday we went up to visit aunt taylor and see her classroom all set up for the year. he loved "reading books" in the reading center (an old fun!!!) and he had lots of laughs at taylor's team teacher sherry playing peek-a-boo!
i guess we'll just have to start visiting dartmouth more often...taylor said she has 16 boys in her class this year...i'm sure tanner will fit right in!

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