Wednesday, August 18, 2010

family vacation to colorado!

we had a great trip to colorado...a wonderful escape from this horrible texas heat! my dad found us a great "home away from home" that had beautiful views, a great back porch and hot tub, and plenty of room for all of us.
me, tanner and lance flew up with my parents on wednesday. tanner did great on the flight...gotta love praise baby dvds to keep him entertained on the plane! he slept great the first night, but after that he must have been just overly excited to be on vacation and didn't want to miss anything because he was up LOTS of different times EVERY night! it was exhausting! i thought he'd sleep great-we found a big closet that we set up the pack n play in-nice and dark-but apparently he didn't like his sleeping arrangements.

on friday we all went biking...even tanner! it was his first bike ride and he really liked it-he conked out after enjoying the view for a while!

the next day we headed to grand lake...a little town on a lake near rocky mountain national park. it was gorgeous! we ate lunch and then rented a pontoon boat to take out on the lake. it was tanner's first boat ride! he did great on the long as you kept his life jacket down-if it started smooshing his face, he wasn't too happy about it!

we also hiked to a waterfall for some great picture! tanner was hilarious-ipop was carrying in the baby bjorn and he was laughing hysterically the whole way! he loved it!
while we were enjoying the views, grant was climbing trees and being crazy! oh how i hope tanner isn't quite this wild...grant was scaring all of us! but i have a feeling he will be-it's part of being a boy...and with grant, ipop and uncle mark he will have lots of crazies to learn from (ipop and uncle mark decided to go swimming in the lake while we were on the pontoon boat...yes they're crazy too!).
our last night there we made a fire and had s'mores...yum!!! it was uncle mark's first time to have one!
we had a great time...and of course tman enjoyed all the attention and lovin'!!!
and my overall favorite picture from the trip...
we had a great time and can't wait to do it again next summer!!!

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