Wednesday, July 14, 2010

grammy and ipop's

this weekend tanner and i took a last minute trip to temple. lance had his guys poker group trip to the lake house and so tanner and i decided we'd go let grammy and ipop spoil us both!

we headed down saturday morning as soon as tanner got up and ate...and he must have known we were going to see grammy and ipop because he decided he wanted to wake up at 6:15 that morning! so when my mom called at 9 to see if we had left yet, we were just outside of temple!

tanner had lots of fun...he went swimming every day and loved it. he liked splashing in the water and was fascinated by the waterfall...and love chilaxin in his float!

saturday night after tanner went to bed we enjoyed some yummy and dad had just gotten a smoker and were trying it out-YUM! and of course tanner got some yummy food too...he tried bananas for the first time. i was gagging, but he liked them! grammy was feeding him sunday and tried to convince me he was going to have a "clean" eating session-yea right! she was shoveling it down and he was doing great...until he gagged a little and let's just say we saw the rice cereal and green peas for a second time-ALL over him! yuck! he was definitely not clean anymore! as you can see-we start out good but by the end, it's definitely bathtime!

the biggest discovery of the weekend was a TOOTH! one of his bottom front teeth has made it's way through the can see it (if you are fast enough to look when he opens his mouth for half a second) but you can definitely feel it! i think #2 is right behind it! everything is going into his mouth! he found a new toy this weekend-he loved playing with grammy's water bottle! and the kid has great aim...he spit up RIGHT in the bottle! hilarious!
thanks for a great weekend grammy and ipop! we had fun!

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