Friday, September 30, 2011

not too bad

well we made it 21 months (ok, 3 days shy of 21 months) without any sickness but tman has his first ear infection. last weekend he caught a little cold and then passed it on to me. so we've had a pretty low key week. by thursday tman was acting back to normal and i was starting feeling a little better (just in time for lance to catch the cold).

so i headed out for a girls night to see motherhood the musical (i won 2 tickets-so fun!!!). it was such a great musical-both the funny and the special things about being a mom. after it was over i discovered lance had texted "not sleeping, up with me on the couch." i figured tman was just having a hard time falling asleep, needed a little snuggle time and would be conked out when i got home.
they were rocking in his room when i got home, and i thought he just was waiting up to see me and would fall asleep after a few minutes of snuggling with mommy.
we were up until 12:30 am. he didn't sleep a wink until after midnight and normally he's asleep by 7-7:30. he just couldn't get comfortable. we'd rock, then try his crib. he'd lay down, rest and then cry and want up. we tried the couch and then back to his crib. we tried his rocking chair again. normally he's fine just snuggling in his chair, but that just wasn't cutting it.
finally around 12:30 he passed out from exhaustion. he finally was able to settle down when i put him in his crib, but of course he was up again around 7. with a little bit of a fever. and clearly exhausted and not feeling too hot.
i made him an appt thinking it was probably just from the cold he was still getting over, but knowing there was no way i wanted to repeat last night 3 more nights before we could get him checked out.
there's a reason he was up all hours of the night. BOTH ears looked pretty bad. poor little guy has a double ear infection. so we left with a prescription and the advice to give him advil at night since that's when the pain is the worst. of course last night was the first night this whole week we didn't give him advil or tylenol before bed...because i thought he was all better.

good thing i trusted my mommy instinct and took him to the doctor today (yes, i don't usually take him-growing up with a dad as a doctor skews your opinion on dr appts). here's hoping the meds kick this thing fast and that my little guy gets to feeling better soon!

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