Sunday, September 11, 2011

20 months!

time is flying and tman is getting bigger and bigger. let's see...this past month tanner...
-tried fried okra and LOVED it! YEA for a new food to add to the list!
-slept in til 8:45 one morning. no he has not repeated that, but i was impressed he did it at least once!
-shown his love for tay tay. he has the word tay tay down! and he refused to play with me at pump it up junior this month-only tay tay. after taylor started back to school we went up to visit during lunch. he got SO excited when he saw her! instantly wanted down and ran straight to her and gave her a big hug!
-yes, he pretty much runs everywhere he goes. walking is for babies apparently.
-he loves playing chase!
-he loves bear, bear but went through a few days of insisting to nap with his green monkey too. he loves giving his stuffed animals hugs. and he feeds them too (including sound effects-hilarious!). and tells them night, night, puts them to sleep and makes sure they have a binky. if me and lance look like we're resting/napping, he'll bring us a binky too.
-he's figured out lounging on the couch and i think it's hilarious to come around the corner and find him like this...just chillaxing and watching some cartoons.
-we discovered the slide at one of the pools-such a brave boy-he loved it. we did it over and over and over and over! he also loves the little pool and slide in the backyard...anything with a water hose!
-he mastered climbing into chairs in the kitchen all by himself this month. tiring for this momma! we're still working on SITTING in the chairs and not standing. no where is safe in this house anymore...he can reach anything!
-uncle grant taught him to tackle. lance taught him to chest bump. yup, all boy.
-he loves climbing onto his red ottoman and "jumping" to us. he thinks it's the most fun ever!
-we got a haircut this month and he definitely didn't like it. sat in my lap for it and we tried all kinds of distractions. what worked the best-oh a squirt bottle full of water. yes, everything was pretty wet when we left. and he climbed on TOP of the train table while i was paying-monkey!
-he's had lots of fun cheering on his daddy at triathlons!
-he's taking after his daddy...trying on swim goggles, drinking from water bottles and listening to music while he works out.   
-he's decided he likes holding my hand and walking next to me (before this month he'd never want to hold my hand). and he loves going up and down stairs by himself just holding onto my hand. such a big boy!
-still loves ducks. can say turtle. and cockadoodledoo (it's hilarious...he just moves his tongue around and is speaking gibberish but to him and us it's cockadoodledoo. and it also works for alligator.
-loves the farm book with flaps. the last page is telling the animals goodnight and he always asks for the "shhh" page.
-wants to use the spoon all by himself-sometimes more successful than others. and he LOVES redi whip...he usually has to have some when i put it on my coffee in the morning.
 -still loves his car...can drive it around himself now (or push it-watch out, he's fast!) and will "drive by" and wave. he also loves to put his cups in the cup he's driven himself through the drive through. always makes me laugh!
 -he loves his puppies...always wants to play chase with them or hug them or play ball. he's also been known to try and ride them or give them a bath with mommy's body wash!

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