Sunday, September 11, 2011

labor day weekend

we had a fun filled labor day weekend. grammy and ipop came up and on monday dad, grant and lance did a triathlon together. on saturday, it was all about tanner fun! we headed to grapevine mills mall because we had heard there was a choo choo there. it did not disappoint. tanner was SO excited! he even got to go on two rides!
after the choo choo ride, we checked out the rainforest cafe and then found the carousel. of course grammy wanted to take him on the carousel. he was so excited about it and all smiles...even when she put him on the horse.
 and then she tried to put the safety belt in place (still not sure how that safety belt was going to actually do anything) and he decided he wasn't a fan. so no carousel ride yet-they got off right before it started.
 sunday morning tanner and lance built a tower with all of the blocks and then we headed to see meme.
 getting creative for ways to entertain tman...wheelchair rides are apparently fun!
 monday morning (after a very rough night) we woke up to extremely nice temperatures and headed out to cheer on the guys. taylor and tanner were practicing their dance moves while waiting on the guys to swim.
 go ipop and uncle grant!
 lance finishing up the bike portion
 high fives for ipop as he starts the run
 here they come towards the finish line!
way to go! we are so proud of you!!!
 and thankfully they still had energy left to play with the little man!

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