Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First day of school

Tman started "school" today. we got up, ate breakfast and got his backpack and lunchbox packed. he LOVES his lunchbox-will carry it around anytime you ask...even if it's heavy. and he'll gladly show you the choo choos on it. we grabbed a few pictures outside before we headed to school.
he looked so big with his own backpack and lunchbox. it was hilarious watching him try to balance with his backpack...he got a little wobbly a few times.
headed to his classroom and showing off his choo choo lunch box...
tanner's in a class with 7 other little kiddos...and of course 2 of those are his bffs weston and noah. we
his bud weston (with his mommy, steph) and noah (with his mommy, leslie)...
both did good at drop off. he didn't cry (or at least I didn't see/hear it) and neither did i! i headed to the gym, grabbed lunch, ran errands (things that had been on my list for 2 weeks) and even had time for a pedicure! yes, i'm a little spoiled but man, it was nice!

tanner had a fun day too. they made watercolor butterflies, played outside, read books and had lots of fun. of course he ate his fruits and veggies for lunch and left almost all his chicken. surprise, surprise! when i picked him up at 2 he was busy building with duplos. he was happy to see me but definitely looked like he had been having fun. he was tired!

we headed home and i managed to keep him awake-major score on that! he snacked on goldfish on the drive home and then went down for a nap. i uploaded my pics (have to keep the grandmas happy) and managed to prep dinner (a new recipe that i'm hoping isn't very good because i never want to cook it again after burning my fingers while lightly frying the chicken) and then we had some snuggle time on the couch!

what a great day! i think we're both going to like wednesdays!

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