Saturday, October 15, 2011

21 months

It’s been a long month…colds and ear infections! No fun! But despite tman not feeling up to par, he’s still one busy little guy!

He loves jumping…will stand on the coffee table/leather ottoman or the ottoman in his room and jump to you-with no warning so you better be ready!

He started mother’s day out this past month. His teachers are so sweet and he has such a fun time. They sing songs, learn verses, read stories and he always comes home with a cute craft. Mommy is loving having one morning a week of me-time too!
I had to take a few first day of "school" pics...
 headed to his classroom and feeling like a big boy with his backpack on!
 showing me his choo choo lunchbox that grammy sent him
 and smiling at his teacher!
Tman is up to 24 lbs (fully clothed at the dr’s office…but I was excited!).

Loves his friend Weston…and says Weston (in his own Tanner language) all the time-especially if I tell him we’re going to play.
movie time with our friend and then giving him a hug (while also trying to steel his chair)
He's a mess...random funny picture with his new boots (we had a few days of running errands in the 100+ weather wearing boots and shorts!)
 and oh he takes after uncle grant. he was quite proud of himself...he's tentative in new situations in public, but at home, he's crazy! he had a fun morning of slam dunking with the help of his ice cream truck!
I feel like he understands everything. I have to be careful...if I tell him we’re going to see Weston or Aunt Tay Tay he immediately goes to the back door and wants to go…and is not easily distracted!

Is so good at holding my hand and walking now.

Just this month he has started coming up to me and Lance, grabbing our finger and escorting us to wherever he wants us-usually it’s to play choo choo with him.

Yes, still obsessed with choo choos. Balls are also high on his list of things he likes along with airplanes.

Still loves his bear and binky.

Has started loving to read new books at bedtime instead of the same few. If we start reading one and he decides it's not exciting enough, he'll wiggle down out of the chair and pick another one. I'll also find him in his chair reading a book-so precious! 

Loves helping empty the dishwasher. He takes handfuls of silverware and puts them in the drawer and he’ll hand me plates, bowls, cups…emptying the dishwasher has gotten very fast-I have to move fast to get the plates from him before he drops them or reaches for more! He really just likes helping with anything in the kitchen...mixing or even one day he "helped" peel potatoes!
He also likes to "work" on the computer or ipad (yes, he knows how to scroll, select, and even go back to the main screen). Anytime he's in the living room and super quiet, it's usually because he's on the computer and knows it's a no-no!
And he's still quite the helper with laundry!
Words are growing-at least in Tanner-ese. Up, down, help me, fishy, hop hop (bunny), ice cream and big bird. And he always says “neigh, neigh” at the grocery store-he misses seeing the Budweiser horses apparently.


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Jamie said...

He's so handsome! We are headed for my little one's one year appointment tomorrow. Isn't it crazy how fast it all flies by?!? Langston gets excited about carrying his lunchbox to school, too. :)