Saturday, November 5, 2011

October Fall Fun

we had a fun month with lots of outside activities! we visited a pumpkin patch with friends...
tanner picking out a pumpkin to take home
 trying to get a picture of the 3 musketeers is about near impossible!
 waving and smiling (yes that is a smile...not an angry, yelling face despite how it looks) at the camera
 and we even got to go on a hayride
 and check out some ponies and donkeys
 wagon rides with weston
and my favorite picture from our morning
we also headed to rockwall to watch anna play soccer...the twinkle toes (that's their team name) was pretty entertaining to watch!
tanner warming up on the field
 sharing some snacks with audrey and kicking the ball on the sidelines
 we have also found a great website that reviews lots of local parks so we've tried out a couple of new ones with plans to visit lots more new ones! tanner had over 2 hours of fun at this one!
 he did the big slide all by himself!

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