Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Meaningful Christmas

so last year through a little blog stalking, i read about a Christmas advent devotional that a group of girls did with their kids. the devotional was a 24 day countdown to christmas and they got together with 24 friends and made ornaments to go with each day. i LOVED the idea, and decided i wanted to do it this year! and they made it so easy-sold the devotionals and told everyone just how to do it! easy peasy!

after lots of emails back in october, we had our group of 24 and were ready to go! we spent lots of time making ornaments-everyone made 24 of one ornament that went with a specific day of the devotional.  definitely took some effort but we now have a set of 24 unique ornaments that go along with the neat devotional...all to teach our kiddos about Jesus and the true meaning of Christmas. i am so, so, so excited about this new tradition for our family!

so last night was our ornament exchange party. everyone brought their ornament creations and we set them all out. wow! for a group of so many girls that claimed to "not be very crafty," we have some super cute ornaments to use year after year! we had lots of yummy food, fun, and fellowship!
bags ready for everyone to fill with their set of ornaments
i can't wait to start reading the devotional and hanging a special ornament on the tree a day for the next 24 days-can hardly wait! tanner LOVES his "TREEEEEEE" in his room and i know he'll be excited to get to add to it every day of December!

because they were all so cute, i had to take a picture of them to show them off.

i'll keep you posted, but i know this will be a favorite christmas tradition for years to come! now i'm off to wrap each ornament so tman can have fun with wrapping paper each night when he opens his ornaments! his tree is going to be FULL by christmas!

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allison said...

This is so incredibly cool and I wish that I had been close enough geographically to be part of the 24!!! The ornaments turned out GREAT and I can't wait to see how things unfold during the month. :)