Friday, November 11, 2011

playing with pumpkins

so this year, tman has called all pumpkins balls. he loves them and has had lots of fun with them. i bought a bunch of mini pumpkins for my MOPS table, and tanner has been playing with the extras. he started shooting hoops with them, but apparently he has graduated from shooting hoops from the ground right in front of the goal. no, he's now moved on to practicing his free throws from the ottoman with the pumpkin. thankfully no pumpkins were harmed during the basketball games...and my floors are thankful that those were some tough pumpkins!
"what, mom? i'm just shooting some hoops!"
 "oh, you wanted me to smile?!?!"
 FIRE! he shoots...
and he scores! he's quite good at clapping for himself, and he's really a good shot. he makes over half of them!
he also had some pumpkin fun without my knowledge. the day before i took these pics of him shooting hoops, he came running down the hall asking about his choo choo and doing his arms like, "where did my choo choo go?" i thought he'd been playing in his room with his plastic choo choo whistle so after he climbed up on the couch with me asking where the choo choo was (and i noticed his hands were wet??) we headed back to his room to find it.

it was no where to be found.

hmmmm. so i asked him, where is your choo choo, tanner?

immediately he RAN STRAIGHT to the bathroom and PROUDLY pointed at the toilet. he even started blowing because it was his whistle choo choo. and i started putting it all together. yup, i had heard the toilet flush about 5 minutes before (the doors are almost always had been closed all day...literally had just left it open as i finished getting ready and i thought he was in his room). oh and those wet hands when he came asking where his choo choo was...yup, clearly that had to have been toilet water.

yes, the choo choo had been flushed to it's death-poor thomas. and i just prayed the potty still flushed. lance was able to fish the choo choo out with a coat hanger. the thought hadn't even crossed my mind that he had flushed something else. i didn't think he had anything in his hands except his whistle.

well, a day later and a nice, expensive visit from a plumber later, we discovered that he had indeed flushed something else with his choo choo. the plumber (with the toilet in the front yard-yes he had to completely remove it) discovered he had FLUSHED A MINI PUMPKIN!! at least we got a slight discount that night (nice plumber)...and a lot of laughs.

most expensive pumpkin we've ever bought! and you better believe the rest of the mini pumpkins throughout the house were thrown away that night! no more decorating with mini pumpkins for this house!

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Sherry said...

Oh Kali that made me laugh out loud! I am so sorry! I cannot believe he flushed a pumpkin. Ha! I can only imagine what is in store for me with Jack.

I can just see y'all telling that story for years to come!