Sunday, December 11, 2011

Moving in December...yes, we're crazy!

now that lance is working in rockwall for his parent's company, we have gone back and forth about moving to rockwall. later...maybe now. we decided we might as well move now...if we could sell our house. if not, no biggie-we didn't have to move.

we met with our realtors at the beginning of november, and decided it wasn't a bad time to list it. so after a week or so of cleaning out closets and cabinets and decluttering our house (oh yea, and lance having another fabulous kidney stone), we listed it on november 17th. our realtors told us to expect just a few showings a week-maybe 3-4...totally do able i thought. well, we ended up having showings without much notice or in the middle of nap time or some that showed up super late. with 2 dogs and a toddler it was exhausting! we were so thankful for the showings but at the same time i wasn't sure how long i could do this...keeping the toys and laundry and bathrooms picked up and the vacuuming...with dogs it's never ending and i was vacuuming two times a day-not my idea of fun! we were just hoping that maybe by christmas we'd have an offer.

well...the wednesday before thanksgiving (so less than a week later) our realtor called and said it looked like we had one coming in. we met with them that night and countered and by the weekend we had a signed contract. yikes! we were thrilled it had sold so fast (especially after a week of crazy showings), but we never thought we'd be moving so fast...definitely not 2 days after christmas!
we spent all day sunday house hunting. didn't find anything we both really loved. i need to write it down so i remember next time we talk about moving...i hate house hunting! it is stressful. it is not fun. it was hard to know our house had sold and i had no idea where my little family was moving come december 27. tears, lack of sleep, stress...not fun. it was a true exercise in trusting the Lord...and i have to admit there were days that i was failing miserably.

we found two that we thought we might like with a builder, but after trying to negotiate they just weren't being very we walked. we knew it was the right decision, but still hard knowing that time was ticking away. there was another we decided we'd make an offer on, only to find out it was under contract. i was an emotional mess (yes, even to the point that my mom asked me if i was preggo!).

so last sunday we went out again to look. i was quickly losing hope and had just accepted the fact we'd probably be moving twice because we were now into december and i highly doubted anyone would want to be out of their house december 27. and i had resolved to not get excited about anything because that just doesn't always work when you're house hunting.

we looked at several houses and there were a few that would have worked...but it seemed like i was either excited about them or lance was-but not both of us on the same house.

the very last house we looked at was it! and, it had actually already been sold previously and then the contract fell through...just in time for us to look at it and put an offer on it! yes, the Lord does know best and the whole time had something better out there for us. i knew that all along in my head but was having a hard time in my heart!

so as long as nothing crazy happens, this will be our new home as of december 27.
we're excited but it's also bitter sweet to be moving. i've loved our house-it was our first house with lots of memories and of course it's the house we brought tanner home to from the hospital. and we love our friends that are close-we will still get to see them, it'll just take more planning!

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