Monday, February 13, 2012

Still alive...and so much to catch up on

we've moved. hence my lack of blogging for 2 months. geez! i'm not ever sure where to, tman's 2nd birthday and birthday party (more like low key get together-i was too overwhelmed to take on a party), the new house, life in rockwall and getting settled. that's a lot! but here we go!

despite our house house looking like this (boxes with lots of christmas decorations up!):

we made time to enjoy lots of fun Christmas activities! it was so much fun this year-tanner enjoyed it all!
we visited the trains at northpark...and of course my train-loving boy was in heaven! definitely the first of many yearly visits!
 notice his hands...lots and lots of asking for "more, more!"
 we went to santa's village one night-lots of fun things to see!
 he liked the petting zoo and getting to see a "hoppy" and hugging a goat!
 checking out the choo choo!
 and meeting a life size snowman! he thought that was pretty cool...
 but meeting a life sized Sparky was apparently terrifying!
we had our bffs over for some christmas cookie decorating. with a couple of plastic table cloths covering everything the mess was pretty minimal!
 weston decided he wanted lots of mini cookies!
 ready to bake!
 time to break out the icing!
 w thoroughly enjoyed the icing and sprinkles!
 skip the cookie and just lick the spatula! my kind of thinking!
running and bouncing off the sugar (while weston and noah talk to each other on a conference call)
and of course we had to visit santa. i really thought tanner would not be excited about sitting on santa's lap this year, but i was pleasantly surprised. he was great! aunt tay tay went with us (thank goodness!) so while she waited in line, we checked out the choo choos and the boats.
 he chatted it up with santa and then gave me lots of big "cheeses!"

leslie discovered a train ride/christmas light wonderland in this guy's backyard. so crazy-he opens it up every year for free train rides! so much fun! and of course since it involved a choo choo we had to check it out!
lots and lots of fun was had in december! LOVE christmastime!

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Sherry said...

Love the picture of you and T at the trains! Such a great pci!!