Thursday, February 16, 2012

moving day!

december 26 was spent taking down christmas decorations and packing a few last boxes. december 27 we closed (with a few last minute hiccups that were slightly stressful). and december 28 the movers came...yup, on my birthday. i actually forgot it was my birthday-woke up in "moving mode" and lots of little last minute things to do before the movers showed up. lance and tanner were quick to remind me that morning with happy birthday wishes...and then it was back to moving!
having movers was the best thing ever! we had everything moved and in the new house (minus a few last loads that we wanted to do ourselves) by early afternoon. tanner's crib was the last thing disassembled and the first thing assembled in the new house...did wonders for helping him adjust! he did long as he had his crib and his train table. lance told the movers that they could break or mess up any of our furniture, but if they broke the train table, they'd be in trouble! aunt tay tay had it all set up for him at the new house as soon as he woke up from his afternoon nap-he was thrilled! after a full day of moving and starting to unpack the kitchen and getting the beds set up (all the basics so we could function), chris, kristin and the girls brought over pizza and brownie bites (with a candle for a happy birthday celebration). the kids had tons of fun running around and playing chase (tanner's new favorite game) upstairs. next comes the overwhelming process of getting settled (i can say that now that it's a few weeks later)...for me it was harder work than packing and moving.

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