Tuesday, February 14, 2012

christmas morning

well, i'm writing a post about christmas on valentine's day. haha! oh well, better late than never, right?!

we came home from the christmas eve service and santa's elves got to work as soon as tman went to bed. good thing because they had a couple of hours of work ahead of them! i can't remember how long it took them (it's been almost 2 months!) but a couple of hours for sure. ipop did lots of supervising...he said he'd paid his dues in elf duties!
waking up christmas morning and coming into the living room...he was so excited!
 the rest of christmas day, you could find tanner here...he literally played with his train table from the minute he woke up until he went to bed. he even ate at his choo choo table on christmas! i'm talking 12 hours straight!
the only way he could be convinced to open any of his presents was for us to tell them they were choo choos (which several of them were). he really could have cared less about the presents-he just wanted to play with his train table.
 eating a few m&ms for train playing energy (these weren't wrapped so he was excited about them!)
 having some dessert after lunch...at the train table
and more playing! this is what 90% of my pictures from christmas day look like!
 taking a 5 second break for a group hug! and yes, he stayed in his pjs all day!
 sit ups with daddy right before bathtime!
 a few iphone games with ipop (at 2 he knows the word ipad and asks for it often!)
and checking something out in the mirror with grant
 and a few other december pics that i found-cool santa!
 his christmas party at school-making ornaments and showing me how he LOVES to wash his hands!
 and this santa became one of his friends this year...this morning in particular he decided santa needed a bath after he went to the potty.

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