Monday, February 27, 2012

a bunch of random catch up

i'm now caught up on all major events since we moved...or at least major holidays. valentines didn't have many pics other than tman opening up his trash truck. yes, the life with boys-he got a trash truck for valentines day and he loves it. the trash truck is a highlight of our week...and really anytime we see one is an exciting event!
so's hard! physically and emotionally exhausting! but we're adjusting and rockwall has brought lots of positive new here's some of those changes and some other random things i don't want to forget about the last couple of months...
practice using our tools...he's quite the helper when lance is fixing things or hanging something up
 and lazy mornings on the couch with his new blanket. before this blanket tman refused to ever cover up with a blanket. took him to target and let him pick one out, and now he won't sleep without his cars blanket. he also found a blanket that was one of lance's as a kid, and now he loves both of them. most days he asks for daddy's blanket and then cars and insists on having both in his crib. the sweetest thing about our snuggle time on the couch is that he usually grabs at my hand and says "arm." he loves watching his movies but prefers my arm around it! melt my heart! a couple of times he's even tried to put his arm around me. so sweet!
 a fun new bathroom for tanner thanks to grammy. yes, his bathroom was the first "completed" room in the new house. why that was the first one to cross off the list, i'm not quite sure. oh well, i had to start somewhere...and he loved his new shower curtain!
 the new playroom had to be broken in properly...with toys every.where!
 and of course we've had some afternoons that needed some creativity in keeping busy. so we make cookies! he wasn't so sure about the mixer but he sure did want to eat the cookies...and the cc's (gigi taught him that chocolate chips are cc's).
 chase is his new favorite game. he is obsessed! he asks to play chase! chase and super. although he usually doesn't want to be super...he wants daddy to be super! this is a rare shot of tanner wearing the super costume while playing chase! his favorite "super" outfit is his pj's fastened around his neck and flopping in the wind behind him. and this is definitely a bonus of our new house...having daddy at home in the mornings and evenings for more games of chase!
my buddy and i have checked out new parks and enjoyed the spring-like winter weather with picnics in our new backyard

 and we've gotten to meet lance for lunch or have him come home several times a week-tanner loves it and of course i do too! tanner has even convinced him to climb in the chick-fil-a playground with him (i did it once-never again!)
 afternoon trips to bahama bucks...yum! tanner is a fan and so am i!
 he still loves his crib-calls it his bed and asks to be put in it...for sleeping and playing. and of course bouncing!
 and he asks to drive all the time. he even does a funny hand motion with his fingers when he asks to drive. getting him out of the car can prove to be quite challenging these days!
 and we've gotten to check out the new play areas by our house...the new mcdonalds has a great kid area that plays music
 they've started construction next door and it's provided lots of mornings of entertainment. he loves watching them work...unless he decides it's too loud. then he walks around saying "loud" and covering his ears and telling them to "hush!" (a word he learned from me yelling at the dogs). it's pretty hilarious! but he loves it when they're "workin."
 and tanner has loved getting to see his cousins more. i think he talks about anna and audrey on a daily basis (especially since we drive by soccer fields every day and that always prompts him to talk about anna playing soccer). he has a ball with them and loves getting to play more often!
 now that i'm caught up for the most part...regular blogging can resume!

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