Friday, February 17, 2012

Tanner is TWO!

January 3rd we woke up with a TWO year old in the house! how did that happen so fast?!?! he woke up to his favorite breakfast...donuts (or do-nos as he calls them) and a big dump truck full of mega bloks. he was excited about his truck (he was quick to point out that sheshton (weston and noah have them) and always is excited about do-nos! it was hilarious-he LOVED it when we sang happy birthday to him!
 loving the candle and singing!
the birthday boy was all smiles!
so excited about making a mess (and yes, he tells you "mess" when he makes a mess and dumps his toys!)
we spent the morning running a couple of errands-one of which was to get lance another pair of pajama pants at target. well, tanner quickly spotted these and was very excited about them. i think the whole store might have heard him excitedly telling me "ELMO!" so yes, lance now has a pair of elmo pjs that tman picked out and insisted on. i knew they had elmo pj's for tanner at walmart so we had to get him a matching pair!
after errands we got to meet lance for lunch...definitely a HUGE new perk. gigi came too and brought presents.
me and my birthday boy
we headed home for nap time and when he got up we played outside ALL afternoon (i was frozen by the time lance got home). we went for a wagon ride to explore our new neighborhood and then got lots and lots of practice in on tanner's new tball set. i'm pretty impressed-he's pretty good at it!

happy birthday tman! we love you more than words can say!!!

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