Monday, February 27, 2012

Choo Choo Tanner is 2!

with moving right before tman's birthday, we opted to skip a big party. i knew i couldn't handle the "pressure" to plan something big and fabulous with lots of people. and honestly, tman gets overwhelmed with lots of people so we decided to keep it simple and have a birthday "party" with family and his 2 best friends.
he loved all of his presents (yes, he quickly learned that word and is always eager for "pesants" these days!). he gladly gave out hugs in appreciation!
 checking out his mickey plate and bowl. it's officially his favorite and many days i end up washing it in between every meal since he asks for mickey breakfast, lunch and dinner! way to go, uncle mark!
 checking out his new trains with noah
 whoa! look at all that food!
 trying out his new bike from grammy and ipop...
 after presents, the kiddos feasted on chick-fil-a (tanner's favorite of course)...
 and then it was time for cake! since he's not usually a huge cake fan, but loves cookies, we got him a choo choo cookie cake.
i was so surprised, but he LOVED having everyone sing happy birthday! apparently once he warmed up and realized it was just his family and bffs, it was great fun being the center of attention! i loved all of these pics!
 having a 2 year old blowing out candles can result in a little bit of slobber flying all over the cake...
did it!
 tanner was a fan of the icing...who needs cake when you have icing?!
after cake it was back to fishing! he's become quite the fisherman and is very ready to go fishing with pops this summer at the lake!

he also decided that now that he's 2, he's old enough to shave...hilarious! he has been known to also try to shave his legs (clearly he's learning from both mommy and daddy!)
it was a great celebration of our little 2 year old!

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