Monday, February 13, 2012

christmas-round 1 & 2

we had a few rounds of christmas this year. the weekend before christmas my whole family got together in temple. santa came and filled stockings a week early just for us!
tanner was quite the helper this year. he delivered everyone's stocking, everyone's presents and then even helped everyone open their presents. it was hilarious. he'd open one of his and say "more, more!" but he didn't care who he was opening for, he just wanted to open more-even if it wasn't for him!

helping ipop and taytay and poppa...everyone needed help this year!
 the guys modeling their fancy new boxers-they each got a pair with a funny saying on the rear. of course lance's have a train...tanner loves them and they're perfect because tanner says a train goes "toot, toot" and he announces and laughs (100% boy) every time he toots.
opening up his "keen" aka lightening mcqueen pillow pet
he celebrated with a fist pump and screaming YEA! everytime someone opened something!
 since he loves ducks, mom thought he needed a duck call whistle. he thought it was!
 trying out some of the whipped cream on the pumpkin pie-yummy! and then sitting down for some snacks at his own new picnic table.
 and after all the presents had been opened, ipop came out with a kitchen for tman. he was the picture of his face when he first saw it. he went running across the room (trampling the boxes and presents in his way-thank goodness nothing was breakable!)
we had round 2 of christmas with the baileys a few days later (can you say present overload...tanner was loving it!).
getting in some tickle attacks from uncle chris
he had mastered opening presents by now! he was excited about his tools (as he calls them) from gigi and pops and his blocks from his cousins and of course the books and golf clubs were a hit too.
his workbench wasn't put together, so we had it all assembled for him the next morning when he woke up. he was so excited! he loves his tools!

we spent christmas eve at lakepointe and then had a yummy dinner at gigi and pops before heading home so santa's elves could get to work!


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