Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Grammy...choo choo...ride it!

lance always goes with ipop to tbc's men's conference...brian and grant went to, so we had a girls weekend + tanner in temple. despite the fact that he woke up before 6 am every morning we were there, we had a great time! i took him to whistle stop park in the morning so grammy could get some work done and he LOVED watching and hearing the choo choos ("hear it!" as he would say).
after hearing them, seeing them, walking along the tracks and climbing up on the ones they have on display, he decided he wanted to "ride it." completely out of the blue (absolutely no prompting from me) he kept asking "choo choo, ride it." i told him we'd have to talk to grammy because you need money to ride the choo choo. then it became "grammy, money, choo choo, ride it."

Amtrak here we come!

so after naps, we loaded up in the car and drove to mcgregor and the single building that they consider their train station. of course we were 
we were early and of course the train was running late. tanner was so "cited!" (aka excited!)...but he wanted the train NOW! it finally came and off he went with grammy to ride it!
he clearly thought he owned the thing!
the train actually beat me and taylor back to temple so they were waiting for us when we got to the temple depot. he had a blast...and asks to ride the choo choo quite often now. he's also decided that grammy is able to take him on rides of anything. he now tells me "bus, grammy, ride it" anytime he sees a school bus. haha!

we also caught the hilarious face he makes on camera...we call it his bitter beer face. no clue where it came from, but it's so funny!

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